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    don't trust them as far as you can throw them 'cause as strong as you may be you won't be able to move them an inch but you don't have to believe me go ahead and be the corporate stooge that they trained you to be and... then you'll see what you get for your loyalty! they call it "down sizing" but that's just a backhanded saying for the phrase: "we're gonna screw you, till you're down on your knees... and you better not try to complain 'cause there's another hundred stiffs like you, all who'd plead...i'd kiss your ass just for a chance to be a whore to your company!!!" you see it every day, everywhere, on the t.v. screen each time a different face or family, but it's always the same "we worked here all our lives, gave them everything we had and now they say they're gonna move the factory, to a third world country where the labor is cheap." but the fact my friend that you don't see is the money you spend on the goods they make supports their methods of abuse on the third world scene and in your very own backyard, yes your country so i won't be the consumer that they want me to be because the goods i own, aren't going to set me free so i won't buy that crap, they want to sell me because the goods i own, won't set anyone free.

    Operation Cease Fire.............24

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