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    On September 26, UFPJ is organizing people from all around the country to meet with legislators and their staffs to urge them to stand up against the war. Our goal is to have 600 people meet with 100 Congressional Representatives.

    We are asking UFPJ member groups and allied organizations to organize meetings with Representatives in their Congressional District. If your group is planning to bring a delegation to pressure your Representatives and Senators, register your group on our website: We need to know who’s coming, from which districts, and who will be setting up the visits. If you are an individual interested in joining an existing delegation, send an email to CongressDay at and a coordinator will respond to you.

    In the coming weeks you will receive detailed information about the location and time for our intensive lobbying training, plus briefing materials on key issues. In late August, you will receive an outline of UFPJ’s legislative priorities, which will be determined when the Steering Committee meets on August 20-21. To get this information, you need to register for the Congressional Education Day, so please don’t delay!

    We urge you to start planning now who you want to recruit for your delegations. Here are the four priorities, from the perspective of UFPJ's Legislative Action Working Group:

    (1) It is vital that it incorporate a broad range of the different constituencies of our multiracial and multiethnic movement for peace and justice;

    (2) Try and incorporate an interfaith component (ministers, priests, imams and rabbis), since they will be very effective in speaking to Members of Congress;

    (3) The most powerful testimony will come from veterans (of Iraq and other wars) and family members of those serving in Iraq, so we urge you prioritize bringing folks from Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, and Gold Star Mothers;

    (4) Local elected officials will make a strong impression on Members of Congress in either party (and we expect to have a contingent of antiwar elected officials at the main march on Saturday, September 24).

    Click here to register your organization for the Congressional Education Day. If you are an individual, send an email to CongressDay at to contact a coordinator about joining an existing delegation.
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