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    In all the www, you have the greatest forum, it puts the others to shame in more ways than one. Indeed it has features that others are missing and it it rocks, yet, let us not forget what it raelly stands for.

    Last night I watched another TV show about the sixties, and what sacrifices students, and even soldiers made, giving up their medals in protest for the farce of a war that Vietnam actually was, not in any way different than what we are experiencing with the other clown of a president today named Bush, who has done a great job of making America what it is, an example to the world of what an great empire should never be.

    Free speech should not be trampled upon, or we trample upon our own past efforts to make this world a place for individuals to feel free to express what they think is right, or what is unrighteous.

    If citizens are not free to do that, only the heads of goverment are free, and as we all know "power corrupts", and Hitler is dead.... by suicide.

    Long live freedom.

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