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    LOSTBOY7 Member

    :confused: Do many men question there sexuality when they get to there 30 s
    i have been married for 13 to lovely woman who i love but i don think
    i am 100% str8t dont think i ever have
    I think i am about 30% gay
    I do find myself looking men and fantasize about going to bed with men
    I have kisst a man and it felt just as nice
  2. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    I don't think it matters how old you are....and you don't need to classify yourself as straight, bi, gay etc etc.....just go with the flow. If you find yourself attracted to men, obviously you have a bit of bi-ness in you :p
  3. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    just embrace who you are and don't try to force labels on yourself.

    LOSTBOY7 Member

    I have told sumone face to face how i feel and it flelt good to say it out loud.
    I allso let it slip to a st8t mate wen i a lital to much to drink.
    and thort oh my god wot have i dun. but the next day i went to see him
    and he told me it did not bother him as long as i am happy.
    I have not been stuck by lieting and i feel good
  5. Hi ..mmmm....I hope you dont mind me posting here .. I wouldnt try to put a finger on it .. personally I think we are all still finding ourselves everyday ..I mean we hope to have the freedom and security to be able to explore our thoughts .. putting a label on it may not always be wise .. and the appearance of being confused is really just a person trying to explore and find it .. I am with my honey who I learned was bi a few months after we were getting to know each other .. he was reluctant to tell me ...and I respect his feelings on that it didnt bother when to the point of wanting to "leave" but granted I had to "digest" it a couple days because it was new .. but you know .. if a person loves you .. anything is possible ..if they love your soul ..and you respect each other .. you can come out with the thoughts you have and may be able to explore it more with ease .. I believe it is just as nice ....and I certainly want him to feel good .. that is what makes me feel good ..and its dammed sexy ..and there are no secrets which is part of why its so sexy .. yeh I went off a little there .. but ...hey a soul is a soul .. and if they turn ya on .. then ..its all good ..
    there is sex .. there are relationships ..and there is lovemaking ..
  6. RxHEAD

    RxHEAD Member

    its all good your buddy was all cool with letting it out while you was drunk & it is good 2 b happy about it. but rember that is just 1 person in a world we live in with like trillions o' people. me, i got 2 b careful who i allow to know i am bi cuz alot o' people r really cool with it only also alot o' people are phobic haters & uncool with it to say the least. some will physically harm glbt people 4 being what the do not understand. i even battle with my own self what i want and my personal confusion of sexuality..........and all the struggles with emotions & distress it causes 4 me. good luck.

    love is love while love itself can bring such pain 2 me is some sort o' game 2 e were there are no winners.


    LOSTBOY7 Member

    I Know That Some Pep's Will Wont To Hert Me When They Find Out But I Am Know Push Over. I Once Got In To A Punch Up With A Guy That SaW Me Going In To A Bar That I Worket At On Ther Gay Nite.HE CULD ME NAMES I Kickt Is Ass Left Him To Tell His Mates That It Wos Some One HE Thort Was Gay That Did It. Lol
    Some Times You Cant Just Look The Other Way
  8. SkeeterVT

    SkeeterVT Member

    As a 50-something Baby Boomer, I know that a lot of gay and bi men of my generation came out after decades of living as straight. I'm that rare breed of bi male who came out after decades of living as gay. While I cannot speak for those under 40, I know that for my generation, coming out bi at midlife is fairly common; in my case, I came out TWICE.

    -- Skeeter

    LOSTBOY7 Member

    HI PEP'S I have told a long standing gay frend how i feel.:& he told me he thort that i had gay
    tendanses 15 yers a go and told me not worry ther are loads of str8t guys that have whives
    that are in to guys as well.:eek: he made me happy that that i told him i thort he worid get mad for me not saying anething to him before but he was cool with it
    and told me he is happy to chat a bout this:)

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