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    I'm not sure if I am bi or gay. Here's the things rumbling in my head: Ok... girls... I've only had sex a few times, sadly not the most attractive women, but not unnattractive. Kissing is good, sex... enh... once it starts I feel like I'm in a rush to just get it over with... making out... thin girls (as not even close to chubby) are fun. I notice girls when looking at people, and I tend to like geeky/punkish girls... short hair or glasses are a turn on. I find small/medium breats to look better on a girl Girls... getting head... it just doesn't work... it's alright, but nothing special. I hate giving oral to them Guys... I love giving blowjobs to... I just love it. Getting them is too pleasurable in some ways. Never done anal. I love it when they run thier hands down my chest. Never really made out, went straight to sex. I love the sight of a penis. I don't notice guys when looking at people though. Emotionally almost always girls. Rarely do I have feelings for a guy

    Part of me wants to be gay when I'm half asleep or drifting in and out of a nap... but I don't like the idea of losing out on women (while awake) I love breasts, but vaginas... enh... only if they've shaved down there... and I still rpefer breasts over vaginas
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    Sounds like you're bisexual.

    Don't worry yourself about a label. Just do what feels right.

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