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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Disarm, Jan 15, 2005.

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    This might get explicit but I can't stop thinking about it and my head is a far dirtier place than this message board.

    There's an ad campaign in NZ at the moment "no rubba, no hubba hubba" ie no condom, no sex, and my sister was playing around on the website when she came across a dating game (you can choose how much to drink, how many condoms you carry and how to act and see if you get an std lol). This dating game could couple girls and boys, and gay males, but no lesbians. My sister got really annoyed at this, she felt kinda ignored on behalf of lesbians, but then I said it was a CONDOM site, encouraging condom use and lesbians didnt need condoms.

    Wrong thing to say.

    She said lesbians do use condoms they just cut em in half.. and I said whats the point in that why don't they just put em in their vagina whole (haha pun :p).. She said they weren't for that, they were for covering other areas as well..I said like what, she said anything that they were playing with at the time..then she got kinda annoyed that I didn't know 'good lesbian sex' and had no idea how it was done (sorry for sticking to oral..sheesh :p).

    So if they are for covering the clit area, what's the point of this..isn't it harder to stimulate..and why would you anyway..I asked her if she meant when using toys and she just looked at me funny! So I'm feeling stupid right now. Could someone please explain to me how you get good lesbian sex with half a condom! I'm so lost on this, she thinks I'm incredibly stupid.
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    Maybe she means using them as dental dams? Women can get STDs from oral sex, ie herpes. Otherwise, I'm in the dark myself. I don't see much use of one in grinding... Well, I'm just a newely experianced bisexual, so hopefully there will be other ideas.
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    PC answer: better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

    Non-PC answer: typical fucking whining lesbians. "Why shouldn't I use a condom? Just because I'm a lesbian? Fascist!!!"
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    Your sister is right to reject the notion that "lesbians don't need condoms." Although nearly 25 years into the AIDS epidemic there remains an extremely rare number of cases of woman-to-woman HIV transmission via sex, it is a mistake to believe that a lesbian can never pick up HIV from having sex with another lesbian. It is simply not true.

    While the risk of HIV transmission is very low among lesbians, there is, nonetheless, a risk. You don't know if the other woman has a history of substance abuse (namely, sharing needles). You don't know if she's actually bisexual and may be -- with or without her knowledge -- infected with HIV from a previous encounter with a man.

    Under those circumstances, it's too risky to cut the condom in half. Wear it whole. You might not be comfortable with it, but which is worse: wearing an uncomfortable comdom or contracting an STD?

    Better safe than sorry.

    -- Skeeter
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    lesbians also ues then when you are fingering someone. you put the comdom over the fingers and there you go. when you do this you can expoler with diff. lubs and her pleaure comdoms as well. and yes always ues them on toys. hopes this helps, if you would like more info i am shure if you put in something like "safe sex for lesbians" on a search engien you would find something.

    love and blessings apple seed

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