Conflicts between State and Federal Marijuana Laws

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    Senate Judiciary Committee:
    Conflicts between State and Federal Marijuana Laws

    Marijuana hearings…. and Sabet

    This Tuesday, September 10, at 2:30 pm Eastern, there will be a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee: Conflicts between State and Federal Marijuana Laws

    That last name on the list surely provokes a WTF? from a lot of folks. I mean, really. Kevin Sabet? What makes him a relevant witness on the subject of the conflicts between state and federal laws? Nothing. He’s not knowledgeable about the legal or political issues. He’s not an expert on the states involved, and certainly not one on marijuana.

    But he’s got a credit of having worked for the ONDCP, is willing to whore himself out whenever marijuana is mentioned (and seems to have unlimited time to do so), and has an opinion that is in relatively short supply these days (that marijuana should remain illegal). He also has the ability to present himself as a sane person, as opposed to a majority of the other prohibitionists out there. I’ve seen Peter Bensinger testify — you expect there to be a nurse handy to change his diaper. Crazies like Betty Sembler and Calvina Faye? Lots of historical baggage. Kevin may be peddling shit, but it’s shit in a suit.

    I know there are some who feel that ignoring him is the best approach, but as long as he is interviewed in every mainstream media piece about marijuana, that’s really not an option. Check out this recent piece

    That last statement is an out-and-out lie. In fact, the CSA was set up so that executive branch agencies were the ones to add or remove drugs from the list. Or maybe Kevin actually is that stupid — after all, he’s not interested in the truth — he’s simply going to use anything in his arsenal to make a point.

    Recently, Kevin got a major piece in the Christian Science Monitor: 7 big myths about marijuana and legalization. This is essentially a condensed version of his book: “Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana

    Yes. I have read his book. If I’m going to continue criticizing him, I’ve got to know what he’s saying. I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone else do so, however, because it’s not a pleasant experience.

    Here are his seven myths in a nutshell; full analysis at drugwarrant


    Cannabis Culture ‏@CannabisCulture
    Senator Leahy Says

    Feds Shouldn't 'Waste Time' on State Marijuana Laws

    Leahy Wants Administration To Clarify MJ Laws
    Sen. Patrick Leahy wants top Obama administration officials to clarify how conflicting state and federal marijuana laws should be handled. The Vermont Democrat announced Monday that he's invited Attorney General Eric Holder and Deputy Attorney General James Cole to address the issue at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing next month to discuss the conflict in statutes in the aftermath of Washington and Colorado legalizing marijuana for recreational use in November and 19 states and the District of Columbia allowing the drug to be used for medicinal purposes.

    Broad Coalition Seeks Capitol Hill Hearings on DEA
    Sep 6 2013
    Groups ask Congress to review DEA use of NSA and CIA programs to spy on Americans

    25 Years Ago DEA’s Administrative Law Judge Ruled Cannabis Should Be Reclassified
    "By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care.”

    The People Who Profit from Marijuana Prohibition are Upset with the DOJ dwr

    Go to Hell Dung Worrier Sabet, ecp
    You'll be among lots of friends.
    Drug Worrier Kevin Sabet Gets Punk'd ecp

    Cover-Ups, Prevarications, Subversions & Sabotage ecp
    Money Grubbing Dung Worriers
    Forfeiture $quads


    Drug War under fire msnbc
    Kevin Sabet seems to be making a career out of providing quotes to media in support of the drug war, and is quoted in this article for no apparent reason.

    Drugwar Lies Linked to Schizophrenia ecp

    After years trying to convince us
    that cannabis caused schizophrenia,

    it now transpires that it actually cures it.

    The Drug Worriers Should Be Busted by the (HUAC)
    House Committee on Un-American Activities ecp

    Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases ecp
    NIDA's Nutty Nora's Tax Paid Gossip ecp
    Andrea Barthwell has resurfaced in Ohio ecp.

    Now They're Coming For The 1st? ecp
    Drug War Killings ecp

    Here Are All The People
    Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose
    via @HuffPostPol

    People Killed By The War On Drugs
    via @HuffPostPol SSDP ‏@SSDP

    The drugs bubble no one can burst:
    lots on harms, zero on how prohibition causes it.
    TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs


    Dr. Lester Grinspoon M.D.
    Benefits of Marijuana : Grinspoon Speech in Washington DC

    Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.
    Drug Wars: Menace to America
    The Other War
    Safe Use of Cannabis
    ☛ Dependency and Cannabis
    ☛ Medicinal Uses of Cannabis

    From The Natural Mind by Dr. Andrew Weil

    William F. Buckley Requiescat In Pace
    ☛ Lost political causes
    ☛ Is marijuana fear a myth?
    ☛ McWilliams at bat
    ☛ Perjury everywhere?

    The ‘Virtues’ of Ganja
    ☛ The Politics of Pot

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    Senate Hearing on Federal-State Marijuana Law Conflict

    Conflicts Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws — follow this link for the live webcast. Also live on

    Today (Tuesday) at 2:30 pm Eastern, 1:30 Central, 11:30 am Pacific.

    Please limit comments on this post to discussion of, and reporting on, the hearing and related items.

    * Kevin Sabet’s written testimony for the hearing
    * Seven Questions the ‘Senate Cannabis Committee’ Should Ask the Obama Administration – good questions!
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    Cannabis Culture ‏@CannabisCulture
    Seven Questions the 'Senate Cannabis Committee' Should Ask the Obama Administration

    Thank you John Urquhart (Sheriff of King County, WA) for your remarks today! We couldn't have said it better... ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Sen Whitehouse asks about not prosecuting banks over marijuana business -- Cole says only if a fed enforcement priority comes up. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Deputy AG Cole: Preemption lawsuit not a good idea because marijuana would be legal in CO and WA but with no regs. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Sen. Grassley: "Marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug....we could see a Starbucks of marijuana..." ‏@stopthedrugwar
    "I don’t think federal prosecutors should be pursuing low level users of marijuana complying with [state law]." ‏@stopthedrugwar
    The issue of access to banking services has been raised throughout the hearing, both by senators and by witnesses. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Kevin Sabet finds Deputy AG Cole's recent guidance "disturbing," says admin should stop Big Marijuana. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    King County Sheriff Urquhart: "My experience shows me the drug war has been a failure... I support I-502. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Cole is done. Now for King County WA sheriff, a Colorado official, and Kevin Sabet.

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Sheriff Urquhart: 35 years in law enforcement, 12 of which in narcotics, and he SUPPORTS legalization/regulation!

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Sens. Whitehouse & Blumenthal are on the right track - the marijuana industry needs the same protections as other legitimate businesses.

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Sherriff John Urquhart says "the war on drugs has been a failure." Wants to be able to enforce new marijuana laws and respect will of voters

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Public interest for today's Senate marijuana hearing was so overwhelming they had to move the hearing room! And still couldn't fit everyone!

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    No good hashtag out there, but search "senate marijuana" and click on "All" to follow the conversation. Watch live:

    "For the 1st time in modern history, members of US Congress were testifying to the merits of cannabis legalization” -

    MPP Marijuana Policy ‏@MarijuanaPolicy
    WA sheriff: once marijuana is sold in regulated stores, people will no longer solicit marijuana from "sketchiest guy on the block"

    Just Say Now ‏@JustSayNow
    DOJ Admits Regulated Marijuana Industry can be Preferable to the Black Market via @JustSayNow

    Just Say Now ‏@JustSayNow
    DOJ Claims It Is Trying to Address the Problem of Marijuana Banking via @JustSayNow

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    I applaud the courage of Sheriff Urquhart. Thank you Sheriff!

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    I encourage more law enforcement leaders to follow the lead of Sheriff Urquhart. Time to end this failed policy. @TheIACP

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    Sheriff Urquhart testifies, "Respect the will of the people. Law enforcement has let them down. They want to try a new way."

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    Sheriff Urquhart testifies, "The war on drugs has been a failure."

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    DOJ to address banking problems in CO & WA with regulators for #marijuana business owners. @SenatorLeahy hearing.

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    Sen Leahy's hearing on #marijuanalegalization now underway. Should we allow legalization to move forward? @SenatorLeahy

    ACLU National ‏@ACLU
    HAPPENING NOW: Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on conflicts between state and federal #marijuana laws:

    Marijuana Majority ‏@JoinTheMajority
    Sheriff who supports #marijuana legalization testifying before US Senate. Says "war on drugs has been a failure." ‏@procon_org
    ProCon White Board:
    ►D.A.R.E. revenues dropping
    ►19 drone strikes in 2013
    ►More loans than grants for students

    algebra works ‏@colorsofalgebra
    @JoinTheMajority for the #PrisonIndustry #KOCHBROTHERS war on drugs success but not for families

    Diane Goldstein ‏@dianemgoldstein
    California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Seeks To End Federal Crackdown

    Russ Belville ‏@RadicalRuss
    Senators seem to want to talk to the sheriff in Seattle and lawyer in Denver more than the rehabitionist @KevinSabet.

    Dr. Bronner's Soaps ‏@DrBronner
    Everyone part of the change on cannabis in the USA should check out and be proud we're getting results.

    Adam Eidinger ‏@aeidinger
    Are you as glued to #Senate Marijuana hearings as I am. History is being made it seems. @DrBronner @DCMJ2014

    Patrick Gallahue ‏@PatrickGallahue
    Prohibition of #marijuana has contributed to soaring #prison population in US and disproportionately affected minorities - Sen Leahy

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