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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by super-shuttle, May 14, 2007.

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    hey, i suck at making cone peices out of like spare coke cans or watever can someone help explain how to make a good one for a standard home made water bong. thanks
  2. DepTh

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    gatorade bottle melt a hole in the side stick a hollowpen down there and attatch a wrench socket to it then seal any air gaps add carb if needed
  3. jimaug87

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    Two words for ya... Waterfall Bongs :)

    *Take an empty waterbottle. At Least 20fl oz
    *punch a hole in the side near the bottom
    *cover said hole with finger while you re fill the water bottle with water
    *wrap tin foil tightly around the top of the bottle, the tinfoil should be concave to form a bowl, and toss a small elastic around the neck to be sure it is air tight
    *pack the 'bowl'
    *light the MJ and let your finger off the hole draining the water
    *as the water drains be sure you maintain a cherry or a flame on the MJ
    *once the water is gone take the tin foil off of the bottle and suck the smoke out using the drain hole as a carb.
    *enjoy being high
  4. jahmin

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    stop being a cheapass bitch an buy a peice. Seriously you can get a chillum for like $10.

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