Condoms: Do You Buy In Bulk Lots Or Not

Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by nz male, May 19, 2013.

  1. Oldiebutgoodie

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    I had a friend in Florida that said he did this. Pull a loaded one off, smuggle it into a pocket. Then when he got home he would wash it, pull it on a big glass test tube and re-roll it re-lubing as he rolled. I never actually saw him do this but he was cheap enough to pull a stunt like that.
  2. wilsjane

    wilsjane Members

    I remember the day that I ordered 10,000 packs and the girl on the other end of the phone asked me how long they would last. I casually replied, "About 6 weeks, I am going on holiday" and gave her the delivery address at Heathrow airport.
    I did not bother to tell her that the department of health were running an HIV prevention program at the airport while I was away. LOL
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  3. Bubbles93

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    Never leave it to the guys to be the one to come up with a condom. I'd say go to Walmart and buy a bigger box and keep some in your bedroom as well as one in your purse or phone or car.
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