Compound/Estate retreat - Where shall it be?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by lastexit, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. lastexit

    lastexit Guest

    Hello Gang - I just registered after reading this site for years.
    I am perhaps a rare user: I have a life, wealth, family - no issues, problems, drug habits, legal headaches. I own a brownstone in new york city.
    I even run a hedge fund.

    Some might say i have it all...but,
    ...I want out.

    I have a plan: I'd like to go to one of my favorite places, a town in Costa Rica, where the surfing is great as are the people.
    We'd buy a bunch of land and start a store in town (for tax purposes). Build a compound; an estate on a hilltop overlooking the coast.
    We'd start building a family, maybe an extended big family.

    We can garden, trade, surf, smoke and laugh - but mostly, keep quiet, private and secluded. An oasis.

    Importantly, there are direct flights out of new york!

    Any additional thoughts as to where else is possible? - Costa Rica is lovely, stable, kind and god-fearing (not that i'm religious, i'm not).

    Trivia Question BONUS!! - "LAST EXIT" is the first band started by "G.S." in the 1970s. "GS" today is beyond famous. WHO is GS??

    My dear friends: Suggestions on my Oasis Escape are more than welcome - as are interested parties to join in the adventure!

  2. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    Why not Oregon?
  3. Pink-Zeppelin

    Pink-Zeppelin Member

    sounds nice , what type of help you would you like at the moment
  4. FritzDaKatx2

    FritzDaKatx2 Vinegar Taster

  5. openfree

    openfree Guest

    Mike, great idea. I have one too. I have money , job, and the whole shebang. I cant retire just yet, have small kids and commitment. But want to be a weekend hippie and be true to myself. I can invest , join. Nothern Ontario, Quebec , Maine would be ideal for me. Nicaragua would be cheaper. I have a blog where I outlined my vision.
  6. tuatara

    tuatara Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    been tocosta rica .............loved it there ......travelled all over the pacific side from Liberia to san vito
  7. ywarpeace

    ywarpeace Ye Old Soul

    if your going south you may as well go to french guiana or suriname or something, that way your not on a little stretch of land in a tiny country. and im sure you can get more bang for your buck just because its not as tiny of a country infused with as much tourist $$. i dont know just my thoughts.

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