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Discussion in 'Politics' started by inthelibrary, Oct 10, 2018.

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    I do not believe it belongs to humans to control or regulate other humans. History clearly shows that human governments don't have the ability to govern. The only true rulership comes from God. A theocracy.
    Daniel 2:44, shows that God will soon come in and wipe out human governments and govern from the heavens.

    in the days of those Kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever.
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    So in the meantime, what are humans to do? Their own thing? No one, including our government authorities, has the right to tell another what to do? Is that how you operate in daily life, as an anarch? "Soon" is a relative concept, particularly for divine beings, but that passage you're quoting was written no later than the second century B.C. E. History shows that humans do have the ability to govern-- imperfectly, but some much better than others. If you remain neutral, you must take responsibility for the injustices perpetrated by one like our present regime right here in the U.S.A. that you're turning a blind eye to.
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    The desire to control other humans' has usually and continually --over the centuries --resulted in power plays, blood and much suffering. It's all known and is surely, IMO, the fatal flaw in human nature. And that is why our constitution was conceived and written by those who were well aware of such and believed that with a calculated set of rules that gave citizens some freedom from oppression of those with the most weapons and the inclination to use them against their own (and others)--the ability to select by vote/choice a few to represent the many is nonpareil.The idea that the government would cede control to the opinions/votes of it's citizens , with all the fits and starts and parts of our history that STILL need to be ameliorated , is the only humane system extant. In theory. I think that presently, we are seeing how fragile our democracy can be. The reasons I see for this will be different from those of others and the results of this latest chapter in our history will be felt for a long time.
    Without laws and an agreed upon mode of written and unwritten civilized behavior and of course , those citizens in blue that we sometimes dislike ---the ones with badges---chaos would ensue.

    So--no government--no laws--everyone doing whatever they want , whenever they want ,waiting on a deity to come forth and ??? Don't think so. Imagine how many scumbags just waiting and hoping for that!
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    Whether you believe they are the words of God or the words of a man's imagination.. The second Conversations with God book goes into quite a lot of detail about how a society of enlightened beings would work, and how it would be mostly self-governing, and it makes sense to me. We're not anywhere near ready for it though. If we end up with no government, it will be a gradual evolution.
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    Yeah anarchy is definitely where it's at. To paraphrase Crimethinc: If you think people are unfit to govern their lives on their own, then you should think that one individual is unfit to govern every single person even more so.

    If you're into green anarchy and ayahuasca then you might find value in this podcast (if you haven't already.) B&G Podcast 8: 5-6-2018
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    I don't care as long as you don't wear a gay ass anonymous face mask and act like you're making a difference in the world hiding behind it.
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    The big problem with this is that gods don’t exist, they are just fairy tales made up by humans.

    And so in previous and present theocracies (Aztecs, Iran) governments still existed managed by divine kings and priests, so all you get again is humans ruling in the name of some god they claim exists, that doesn’t lend itself to benevolent rule because they are not likely to look kindly on those that dissent by like saying gods don’t exist.
  8. tumbling.dice

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    Crush? Another loving act by a kind and benevolent deity. And what will happen to me in this future kingdom if I decide to worship Baal instead?
  9. Asmodean

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    If needing a government would only be about governing other individuals lifes I might see something in anarchy as well. But we live in a complex and crowded society. Anarchy would result in unwanted chaos. Certain aspects of our society simply need governing.
  10. God has only been around since 70 AD, what does the 350,000 years of human history before that clearly show?
  11. Asmodean

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    That there were lots of other gods?
  12. Okiefreak

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    ? I'm trying to make sense of your statement. First of all, what do you mean that "God has only been around since 70 A.D.? That would be the date of the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem. The destruction of the first Jerusalem temple was 587 B.C. It was supposedly built in the tenth century B.C. My point being that the idea of the Abrahamic God was around a lot longer that 70 A.D. The human idea of god(s) may go back to the Upper Paleolithic.
    And where did the350,000 figure come from? That would get us back to Neanderthals, who are unlikely to have had the concept of God, although they seem to have had spiritual beliefs about an afterlife. Of course if believers are correct, God has been around since the beginning of time, and then some.
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    Jesus said pay back to Caesar, what is Caesars and pay back to God, what is Gods.
    God lets these governments rule right now to govern humans, but these are all imperfect governments. These governments are all run by Satans influence, if you delve further into the secret societies these high politicians are involved in, you clearly see they are not worshipping the righteous God, they are either worshipping Satan and the demons and that is where their influence comes from.
  14. inthelibrary

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    So, if a father was out with his family and a huge bear was going to eat his family, then he shot the bear and killed it..would that be bad?
    If you worship Baal, you are not worshipping the true God Jehovah..So, that is up for him to decide. All depends on what kind of heart condition you have
  15. inthelibrary

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    It is not anarchy..all subjects are under Gods laws
  16. 70 AD is the earliest physical evidence of Christianity
  17. inthelibrary

    inthelibrary Member me the source. You are way off in this subject

  18. Ugh, i'm a little tuckered out from these kind of tactics because of the 9/11 thread.

    Show you a source?, do it yourself.

    Its your thread, you are the one that said "History clearly shows.."

    God as you know her, assuming you are christian, didnt exist until 70AD.

    You were sounding very old testament in that first post. Humans cant govern humans, but if god does it he will just wipe them all out...if well...just because
  19. Okiefreak

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    Yeah, but the Christians didn't invent God, nor claim to. YHVH goes back aways. And (S)he is the Christian (and Jewish and Muslim) God. But I agree, living in a state of anarchy until God shows up makes no sense.
  20. Okiefreak

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    Governments are human, and humans are imperfect, I grant you that. Most Christian theologians agree, though, that we have a duty to obey civil authorities--up to a point. I happen to think that the present crew are worshiping Mammon.
  21. inthelibrary

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    God is not one to be mocked

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