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    For most of my life I have battled with severe anxiety and depression. In my late teens I turned to hard drugs into my early 20s. Around the time I turned 24 my high school at heart moved in and soon became engaged and surprise to us pregnant. I've been clean this whole time mind you. The past 2 years have been unbearable fur me as I haven't been on medication. 3 weeks ago my fiancé has told me she can't handle my moodiness and secluding my self. She says she's hurt by the things I've said n the fights we've had. She says she wants us to work but doesnt know if she can move forward because of how hurt she is. I haven't cried more then twice in ten years and I feel I haven't been able to stop crying fur the past two weeks. 3 days ago age days she didn't know if are was the right one to stand by me. She says she's not in love with me anymore. yet she says she's not ending it and she wants us to work. 2 days ago we went on a trip she had planned a while ago for the two of us. On the way there she days she was scared that all the effort I've made to change like medication fur my depression might be too late as she's so hurt. Within an hour we had sex and the rest of the day it was like we were back to our selves again. The next day she seemed cold again. I'm so lost, hurt, scared and alone. I don't know what else to do other then just try to move forward. She says she doesnt want me to leave and she doesnt want to leave And that she wants to try to fix us.
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    so there are the health issues and there are the marriage issues. they are related, but different.

    for the anxiety and depression, check out "Curing Depression with Chinese Medicine" by Bob Flaws.

    Getting a 1/2 hour of light aerobic exercise everyday may help with the depression. Just enough to break the slightest sweat. A brisk walk can do it. Maybe exercise indoors during the cold weather.

    You might want to change your diet to fresh, lightly cooked whole foods served warm. Avoid processed foods and anything served cold.

    Marriage counseling may help. Can you get counseling?

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