Common character of acid trip?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Mordiana, Sep 6, 2005.

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    I'm probably going to try acid with some friends in a couple of weeks, we'll have 2 sober sitters and two or maybe three of us are taking it. We're probably going to take it in some woods. Both sitters are experienced with acid, and me and the other people who are going to take it have plenty of mushrooms experiences.

    But one thing that I kind of wonder about, is what the trip will be like? Will it come with as much confusement and total strangeness as a high-dose mushroom trip? Or is it very different? I think I've heared it was rather different but can someone who has experienced both, tell me what the difference is?

    (the reason I'm taking acid, is because my first mushroom trip was completely insane (half of my room being upsidedown, plants talking to me, seeing soundwaves flying around). after my body had experienced psylocibin for the first time I never could trip that hard anymore, no matter the dose or time between, and I want to be away far again from the world, I want to have such an insane experience again)
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    acid can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, it shows yourself your mind. most people will say the differnece betweeen L and shrooms is that lsd is more detailed and shrooms is a more dream like experience. happy trip!
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    acid is completely different i have eat around 5.5 grams of mushes (small caps)and has not came close to any cid trip ur in for a ride but remember if u feel uneasy remind ur self its just the drugs mushes are muchj more uphoric then acid, cid is just an intese vibe ride veer away from public places have fun and be safe

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