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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by navajas, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. navajas

    navajas Member

    swim was able to obtain an ounce of ultra high grade BC bud, alotta dry psilocybin shrooms, an 8 ball of ultra pure mdma, a couple of valiums and codeines... now as many of yall knw swim is a fan of speedballing however swim want able to obtain any heroin or oxys in his vacation... anyways last night swim ingested a lil bit of shrooms, a lil bit of molly, smoked a lil bit of weed, popped a couple of valiums and codeines and sipped on some wine... swim was with his gf at the time and couple of good friends and was lsnn to a song that goes sumthin like this while peaking, "the weed and the lean and a lil bit of ecstasy, and a bad bitch next to me, were fucked up tonight, were fucked up"... anyways it was one of swims most euphoric times ever, and the amazing thing is that he slept like a baby, no comedown, no gloomy day after what so ever... swims problem though is that he has obtained a very nice gram of fluffy coke, however hes afraid to add it to this magical mixture, ruin the calm easy going roll, and feel a comedown... would adding blow to the mixture be a good idea or a bad idea...
  2. raz5

    raz5 زینب

    i wouldn't take the chance
  3. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    don't do it! coke has ruined many a night
  4. CherokeeMist

    CherokeeMist Senior Member

    i agree.

    do the coke some other night and just devote yourself to being as arrogant and obnoxious as you want. no need to ruin a nice, chill combination of drugs. more isn't necessarily better.
  5. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    cocaine is best done alone imo.

    but your drug combo as it stands is pretty heavy on your body and brain
  6. navajas

    navajas Member

    yeah coke ruins nights! true... without opiates or shitload of alcohol or benzos coke is a killer... ill leave the coke for a night of drinking... was so pissed off that i didnt find any opiates!
  7. jia

    jia Member

    Do the cocaine sometime else. By itself. It'll kill your calm.

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