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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by POVExdeath, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. POVExdeath

    POVExdeath Member

    I was just in Colorado and I was disappointed with the weed.

    I went to several dispensaries and all the weed was dry, nothing was really that dank. As such, even though there were some interesting strains they didn't get me that high. I was also disappointed that I couldn't find many of the traditional strains, ie blueberry, purp, white widow, jack herer, blue dream, presidential kush, cheese, etc that I'm used to. Everything was some trendy shit that I'm just not that into.

    I also saw this on one of the containers my weed came in:

    WTF is that? I swear the buds didn't smell like what I'm used to getting either....I swear I could smell some of those chemicals on them. For one strain I could definitely smell rosemary oil, WTF? Isn't one of the points of weed being better than cigarettes is that it isn't adulterated?

    The weed I get here in GA is top notch. Always fresh and dank, and I swear that fresh vs. dry on the same strain FRESH always gets me higher. There have been times my friends walk in the apartment with purp and I can smell it the moment they walk through the front door and my room is at the back of the apt. If the weed in CO were that fresh the dispensaries would reek like it but I couldn't smell that much even inside the places. I can also remember being in London (England) and taking cheese back on the tube and it reeking up the entire train car so dank weed is pretty prevalent on the black market...

    The edibles were a bit disappointing too. Everyone recommended only taking like 1 piece with 10 mg, or maybe 20-30 at most and you see news reports of people taking entire chocolate bars (100mg) and killing themselves or something? I couldn't feel anything unless I ate an entire bar. I wasted a lot of money on the edibles until I started eating 100mg+. The edibles I make in GA I typically use an entire ounce of vape waste per batch of brownies and you fucking TRIP off just a small piece. I don't eat edibles to be mellow, I eat them because they can be stronger than dabs or anything else.

    I went expecting weed utopia and I guess it was ok? If my connects ever dry up I could see moving there just to have guaranteed weed forever but I wouldn't call it ideal? I like having friends bring by fresh dank nugs. I could also see CO being cool for edibles because $25 for 1 dose (a whole choco bar) beats waiting weeks to make brownies, any Friday night I could just buy 1 and its straight.

    It reminded me of when I went to Amsterdam, but I liked the selection of strains better in Amsterdam, all the stuff I was used to so I could just go to town on all the strains I remembered. But yea, the weed there was slightly dry too.

    Because of this I'm not sure if legalization is a good thing. It corporatizes it and that never improves anything.
  2. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    As a Colorado resident you went to the wrong places. There are a lot of shops that grow mass quantities with chemicals. That is just the result of a legal product in a capitalist society. Most people who have the funds and knowladge to open a store don't smoke they just know it makes money. But we do have good spots too. Sitting in front of me right now I have the weed that stinks up a room you mentioned. It's so popular I can only buy 1/4 at a time to keep it in stock even though with my medical card I can purchase a lot more then that at once. You are not going to get high off the recreational edibles unless you buy a couple I believe the limit is 10 mg on those. 30-40 is enough for most people to feel a buzz. If you really need 100mg you have a high tolerance.
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  3. POVExdeath

    POVExdeath Member

    Are the medical dispensaries and the medical weed better than rec? Because I don't have medical of any kind, I was stuck with rec when I was there. And they sold me as many edibles as I wanted, the chocolate bars were 80-100mg total and eating 100mg gave me a very solid body high and the strong comeup I'm used to but not as strong as what I make myself. Anyways, its good to know there is some good DANK available at some of the dispensaries and they're not all just trying to mass produce and make money... btw you know the names of any good dispensaries? I might be going back this winter to go snowboarding.
  4. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I don't think the medical weed is better. A lot of the retail shops were medical a few years ago but they switched because of the bigger market. Some shops sell both and it is the exact same weed on either side. You just pay more without a card. We still have a system of dealers or "caregivers" and even though it's legal some people still prefer that weed. You just have to find someone who knows what they are doing.

    The limit is on the max mg per candy. I didn't know they were selling 100mg ones at retail. Weed drys out really quick here because of the climate and with recreational tax these places might get expensive. But The Clinic,Terrapin Care Station and Herbal Remedies are good places to check out.
  5. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Are they downtown Denver bro?? I want to know a place near the mile high stadium where I can buy stuff when I'm there. :)
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  6. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    Colorado has low humidity, so pot dries out much more. But is should still stick to your fingers. Try the oil.
  7. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Yeah we have a bunch down town. There is one across the street from Mile High but I have never been to that one. It has good reviews online though.
  8. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Excellent. :) well this makes me very happy.
  9. lol well its really hard to take this seriously with a picture of green solutions.

    And if you had a hard time finding blue dream of all strains XD

    next hit up a thread about asking about good places next time, there's buds here ranked best in the world
  10. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Yeah, all the kiddies were talking about when I was home last was Blue Dream.

    Wonder how much of CO is indoor v a seasonal outdoor grow? Sure, to keep shelves stocked there's a ton of indoor, I know some gardeners in the warehouse grows. But is there a taste/market for outdoor?
  11. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I had some good weed in Denver. I have instructions and specifically stated how I wanted to feel and I was sold the correct bud for my stoned needs. :)
  12. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    Almost all of the dispensary weed is indoor. The state seed to sale tracking system and the state requirements to secure out door grows (secured on all sides and above [ie greenhouse] and locked from children/pets) are the main drivers for indoor. I know of a couple commercial outdoor grows but their primary buyers are edible and concentrate companies. The variables in the outdoor grow also push commercial operations to indoor production. As you remember from living here, summers can be dry or flooded, hot or freezing all of which can significantly impact the crop. As a commercial operation with tons of competition they cannot afford the risk.

    As to the OP, yes recreational weed is very hit or miss. In my opinion, most of it is a miss for the regular smoker especially for the price. There is such a demand for the recreational weed that most shops rush their product. However, their average customer is not a long time heavy smoker. Their primary customers are people who smoke very casually, tourists and older folks who haven't smoked in a long time. The black market is alive and well. however, even if you don't buy at a dispensary your possession and use are protected by law. The medical system was a joke. Anyone could get a card for an old sports injury. This legitimizes the industry and allows medical to be for those who truly need it.

    For the question if recreational and medical bud was the same, the answer is not really. Often the dispensaries offer a wider selection to their medical patients. Additionally, recreational is getting the lower quality nugs. The best buds are reserved for the staff, then medical patients and then recreational patients.

    As far as the edibles, many articles have been published on the edibles (primarily rec) and their varying strength. While rec edibles are required to be split into 10mg doses, the studies have shown many of these edibles test at much lower numbers. Many of the candies are just regular candies with THC mixtures sprayed on them. However, weak edibles are almost a necessity after the bad publicity edibles have received. There are far too many deaths attributed to unexperienced users visiting CO and taking too many edibles and making poor decisions. Often the weed is really not to blame but is a catalyst to a deeper issue and reason the blame in the news.
  13. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I bet a decent outdoor grow with a quick mature varietal could succeed on the eastern plains. Rocky Ford, Agate, Sterling.
  14. Bud D

    Bud D Member

    I don't know what the methods of CO commercial growers are. I suspect they use chems and that is a big no no for good herb.

    Organic simply gets better buds. I suspect it will be like micro brewing. High gravity beer is expensive because it requires more grain and if a hoppy beer, more and better hops.

    They want to make money in CO, that is what most of them got into the business for. I doubt many of them were growers when it was illegal, or even know that much about growing. It's learning how to have great herb when it's illegal. Why? Because you care about how much time your looking at when it's over your you want the best as there is no law that says such and such quality herb gets more!

    Honestly, I spent time in Humboldt and the best weed I ran into was a ground score. Most of the stuff was as horrible as what I have grown. Lot's of newbies and honestly, your gonna grow better herb sober and learning how to grow herb sober....and designing your grow-room sober. Not talking 3 days sober, no, more like 3 years sober.

    People haven't learned how to carry the quality home grown bud into commercial production where millions of dollars are at stake. That sort of nervous greedy vibration doesn't grow good herb at all!

    The best weed I ever smoked was Amish grown. I smoked that shit all the way up to a probation appointment because it was so great. Not that it wrecked, or stimulated, it was pure peace in a pipe and I wanna have PEACE.
  15. rainbowdave

    rainbowdave Member

    I have a friend who went to Boulder and picked up some buds at a few different recreational shops.Colorado has 2 classifications ,some shops only sell rec weed and others have a different shop just for medical and a separate shop for rec weed. My friend told me all the weed was kind of dry and not much smell to it.All the jars he smelled in all the shops he had the same experience.All didn't seem really fresh and lacked the odor of fresh buds.The weed was nothing that great and not super potent either.The medical shops are supposed to have higher grade but don't sell it to someone who isn't a colorado medical patient so he could't sample any..He said the prices were close to 70 an eighth with tax.He thought the buds were dry and not much smell because everyone going in there asks the workers to open a jar so they could smell it.If they open some of these large jars multiply times a day and have the same stuff in there for weeks it will loose its odor.He wasn't to impressed by the quality ,the price and most of all the rudeness of the shopkeepers that run these places.
  16. newo

    newo Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I live in Oregon. The dispensaries have a lot of great weed here, but if you find a strain you like, you probably won't be able to get it a couple months later. The growers keep cross-breeding it with other strains, trying to come up with something better. I really got into GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) last year but now the closest I can find is something called Cookies & Cream, which is half GSC and half something else. I wish they'd keep the popular strains while continuing to come up with improved ones, but maybe this is what they need to do to stay competitive. Some dispensaries have gone out of business due to too much competition.

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