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    Heres a few by me..dont know if anyone cares but here they go

    Overture to Masochism

    Whip-lashed girl, Help me once again
    Im through with it all, I knew I would be in the end
    There were days when I begged you to purify my sins
    It all feels too sweet, like the sugar you scratch out of your skin
    My favorite dream that I recall
    A kitchen knife, your voice inside a withered bathroom stall
    See the place at the top of the stairs, The place you spoonfed me your tears
    They still remain in my mouth and have been for years
    Ill wait for you there
    As the stars near the sky
    Ill bleed for you there
    Till my veins run dry
    Curl close to me by the fire
    And we'll burn away all of our cries

    My Michelle

    We came from the gutter
    And rose above the waste
    The wasteland of teenagers
    Searching for their space
    Our love was a sin
    An odd twist of fate
    You set out the line
    And I snagged the bait
    Star crossed and pumped with a syringe
    A pure fairy tale with an alcohol binge
    Please tear me away from my michelle
    Please tear me away from her glorious hell
    Our love is pure, with a poisonous sting
    Imprisoned in her soul, without any key.

    Another Day In Wonderland

    A day of laughter with no harsh sounds
    We played like children in a playground
    To return to a world that slipped away
    Immune to the paths of life we stray
    Do you think if everyone felt that way?
    Do you think "What if God had his way?"
    The world would forget how to judge?
    We'd learn to accept, We'd learn how to love?
    I dont know, what can I say
    All I do is dream all day anyways
    But stick around and dream with me
    No one is stuck, we all soon break free
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    Whether anyone cares or not, the point is you care enough to share, and I will read... interesting do you have more?
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    Interesting stuff - you weave innocence and cynicism with skill...there's a gritty vibrancy, a hideous realism, a bitterness. I love the withered bathroom stall - that's ugly and true.

    I too am interested in reading more.
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    This is my newest one....thanks for the requests....most people think my poems are too dark, which is true, but im trying to be more lighthearted....

    Ocean Light
    The urban landscape passes sublime
    Unfolded in a sea of broken memories
    A thousand souls stretch across the land
    A cloud of smog lays its poisonous hand
    A million lights, A beautiful sight
    The urban version of stars at night
    Stars on the ground, None in the sky
    For all we know, all have died
    Pumping out dreams like the new sensation
    And spitting you out like its own creation
    Look at blind starlet vixen Dixie
    With a new agenda, A new mission
    She lost her vision, and then the time
    She lost alot more than her mind
    What do you bring? What do you borrow?
    Do you sing that song of unsung sorrow?
    I want to see it end

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