Coke Sucks But...

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Eugene, May 16, 2004.

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    I have never seen weed do to people what coke can do.

    I have friends who have done alot of coke, and they all say the same thing, you never get high enough, no matter how much you do you need more, you always chase the high, and in the end it's not worth it.

    I always think back to half baked when dave chappel goes to that metting

    "marijuna is not a drug, I used to suck dick for coke, that's an addiction, you ever suck dick for marijuana"

    "no can't say that I have"

    Pot comes down to willpower, it's not fun to stop doing it, but it dosn't create the psysical withdrawls coke can

    you don't get addicted to pot, you just like it alot, and choose not to stop doing it, because you like it,

    When you don't want to smoke pot anymore you don't
    when you want to you keep doing it, simple as that
    and for the record I smoke alot of pot, but no matter how dry I get I have never thought sucking a dick would be worth a bowel lol.
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    It's the lack of willpower that has gotten to you.. not motivation.. sure you can be motivated to quit.. but if you can't do it.. that in fact is lack of willpower.. your house becoming cluttered and dishes piling up.. is lack of motivation

    All drugs can be great... but moderation is definitely key... if moderation becomes every day.. then it becomes a problem.. i really try not to do anything other than weed more than once a week.. maybe a couple extra times... depends... if im gettin laid.. nothin beats opiates for makin ya look like a porn star with that inability to cum no matter what.. she'll be sore and impressed.. you'll be frustrated and will rub one out hours later when she is asleep

    And yes... FUCK COCAINE!!!

    IN THE ASS!!!!
  3. jo_k_er_man

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    i've never seen anyone steal their kid's mother's foodstamp card and go get cash for it to get a bag...

    i've never seen anyone try and trade you steaks and other food from their families house for weed

    I've never seen anyone tear the trim off from around there windows because they could have sworn they hid an 1/8th of weed somewhere...

    I've never had my friend ask me to watch their kid while they quickly ran to the store to get some cigs and and 8hrs later the mom comes home and later that night hes back geekin and sweatin worse than a fag tryin to eat a hot dog.

    get rid of the word never and replace weed with coke and you get a few true events..

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