Codeine and ibuprofen

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by Neonate, Jan 29, 2005.

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    So my question here is that how unhealthy is ibuprofen to your body? Because around where I live I can get 120mg of codeine with 2400mg of ibuprofen (10mg codein and 200mg ibuprofen in one pill and one package has 12 pills and costs about 5 euros) and I know that I could extract the codeine with water but I dont have the time or the place to do that so few years ago I had a habit of doing those pills and so my body would take that 2400mg of ibuprofen (normal dosage for headache is about 200-400mg and for heavy pain 800mg) and ibuprofen has no recreationalvalue so it only sometimes made me sick and sometimes it didnt do anything...So i've been thinking of doing codeine again for this party and thought that does that 2400mg destroy my body a lot? I've taken that 2400mg many times (for over 40 times) and its been about a year since i last took it and I havent had any problems with my body now so it must not have destroyed anything. Anyone here know the problems that ibuprofen causes to my body?
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    That much ibuprofen in a single dose is hurting your kidneys. The absolute max dose (which can vary depending on weight) is 3200mg per day in DIVIDED doses, ie, 800mg every 6 hours.

    2400mg in a single dose is burning up your kidneys and probably causing stomach bleeding.
  3. Neonate

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    ouch...crap...well guess i'll stay away from that stuff then :) my weight is 76kg so I guess that 2400mg is enough for one day for me in small doses...:) thanks for the reply
  4. Dazed4now

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    damn your brave
    fuck 2400 mg of that

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