Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Rasheeke, May 26, 2004.

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    I am known to endulge in the occasional joint, and ive been kinda wanting to experiment with other drugs, and a friend of mine and I were talking aobut trying coocoa puffs, which is a joint laced with cocaine. Later on i had a dream whree i sniffed Cocaine, and it tasted like icing sugar. Now i know cocaine doesn't taste like icing sugar...I mean come on. But I was wondering what this would mean, Becuase in the dream, doing lines a coke, and I enjoyed it very much and was excited about what kind of trip i'd be on, but my alarm woke up up before that could happen.
  2. Rar1013

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    Don't Try Coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ever.stick W/ Pot
  3. jerry420

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    i know people who were potheads and when got a snort of coke in them. after that they were smoking crack and a couple of months ago crystal meth was introduced to my town. dont do it
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    you dont want to try coke cas if you like it youll start spending all your money on it and believe me it is not worth it.pot is fine idont smoke it but in my day i did.
  5. Professor Jumbo

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    Weed is good for you, but man don't be a dumbass. Don't smoke coke dude.
  6. loverofthewoods

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    i have the same advice as everyone else...DONT TRY IT...that shit will make you forget who your freinds are and destroy all that you love. iv lost too many freinds to shit like that
  7. Moving_cloud

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    Hi Rasheeke

    it looks like you already know ... and like your expectations tell you they won't be filled but are more like icing put around a world full of contradictions when leaving the places of childhood and the bitter sweetness of not knowing where this gets you.

    The waking is part of the dream, too, and what you wanted to know and make sure it is real. As you want a truth that does not fool you but is yours to hold and as real as you feel you are, deeper inside yourself. And maybe this is still much more exciting.

    Just a thought!

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