Cocaine Prices State To State

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by interstate, Sep 2, 2017.

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    I'm just curious about the price of cocaine on the street in your state. I remember years ago in Texas, it was easily obtainable for $40.00 a gram, $80.00 a ball, $400.00 an ounce, for quality cocaine, beige in color, partial symbol still grooved in the rock, straight across the border. Now days, in Texas you can score for around $60.00 a gram, $200.00 a ball, and $1200.00 an ounce.

    I recently moved to Arkansas. Now I don't know if I'm getting straight highway robbery, ripped off, or if the price is really that much across the border in other states. Today I paid $100.00, for a .30 on the calculator. This is barely over a quarter of a gram, less than a half a gram, for $100.00! For $100.00 in Texas I would get around a 1.5. In Arkansas $100.00 for a .30 of a gram?

    Are you kidding me or is it really that expensive when you move away from the border?
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    Yes it is. You were spoiled living in Texas. Right by the border and lots of brown people both legal and illegal in the state to unload it.

    It's not really my thing but price is all dependent on quality in my area. Sure you pay 80 a gram but you would only need a small bump and it goes far. Normal stuff is around 50 a gram. Ask yourself how much that 1/3 of a gram was worth. Do you really think that was pure as Texas? I doubt it.
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  3. I bet many things are a good deal down close to "the wall". Lol. There's smuggling tunnels under the border (look it up on youtube) one vid takes you through a tunnel.
    Would be awesome to go score some good "commodities" there.

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