CO gathering now?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by raven23, May 27, 2004.

  1. raven23

    raven23 Member

    Hey kids! Anyone have any info about the Colorado gathering happening right now?
  2. people_lovr

    people_lovr Member

    no damnit. I hope i'm not missing one. I will be so sad. I have looked everywhere to try to find something rainbow out here, and i can't. I will be so sad if i'm missing it. :(
    update me if ya can
    ~love n hugs~
    peace ya'll
  3. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    I seem to hear rumors about a CO spring regional every year. I don't think it ever really happens...still awful cold in the Mountains in May...Think CO Family does a regional in August, though. I know I went to a CO regional in August 2000. That was the one where the RV I was traveling in burned down...
  4. people_lovr

    people_lovr Member

    wow burned down. That's a bummer
    I hope there's one now or soon 'cause i'm loading all my shit up and moving back to MI in the first part of august and i already missed the regional there :(
    I'll keep my eye out though. Let me know if ya hear anything.
    thanx peoples
    ~love n hugs always~
  5. raven23

    raven23 Member

    Apparently this is just a 'holding camp'. Bunch of kids waiting for the next gathering camping together in the woods. Not that this is bad. I was at an Ocala holding camp this year. THAT is an experience, with enough schwag action going down to turn anyone off Rainbow, but I managed to meet some geniuine kind family and make some close friends. Holding camps are not 'regionals' but are often magic just the same. (And some regionals are as focalized as a holding camp with more alcohol and lack of respect than your average lot scene, but I wont name names.)
  6. people_lovr

    people_lovr Member

    well i've never been to rainbow anything, but i have a few friends back in MI or wherever they may be now that have done the rainbow thing for awhile. I just feel like i love people and i would love it, so if ya know anything more about the whereabouts of this "holding camp" let me know
    thank you
    ~peace n love~

  7. raven23

    raven23 Member

    Disregard this post

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