Discussion in 'Poetry' started by indiewelt, Jan 7, 2005.

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    i want to get closer

    than nose to nose and eye to eye
    and inhale the life you keep

    there must be a way to get closer
    than skin to skin and breath to breath
    and blend two bodies into one
    so to lose the same control
    and make one firy shooting star
    from the uniting of two souls

    your naked breast against mine is not warm enough
    because i want to get closer
    glide through your body and bask in your womb
    and dip my toes in your babbling stream
    of emotions feelings and thoughts

    then we can feel and won't have to see
    what makes you you
    and what makes me me
  2. thaone0715

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    wow, passion
  3. Ziarae

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    bodies are gross...all those fluids and germs and smells and dingleberries and scabs -yuck!!!!!

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