close to orgasm?

Discussion in 'The Orgasmic Experience' started by herekittykitty, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I haven't been able to orgasm in my past 2 relationships. I don't masturbate because i prefer the emotional attachment to a real person, so i don't know what works for me... but all of a sudden I became extremely vocal. Breathing heavily, moaning...usually I just breath heavy. My boyfriend thinks i was climaxing, but i started whimpering and started laughing.
    i feel close to something big happening but it hasn't...i need feedback
    i'm afraid i won't know when it happens.
  2. yup, that's normal.
  3. nothing seems to happen it feels really good and close to something but i cant seem to reach it
  4. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

    Let him tie you up and tear you open.
  5. lol tie me up to where?! we both dont have bed posts
  6. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

  7. GentleBen

    GentleBen Member

    If your about to orgasm you'll know, its not something your likely to miss.

    a light orgasm is very wet vagina, light perspiration over your entire body, noticeable on the top lip, very fast heart rate, breathing increases ( I can't remember how or by how much ) the one thing that really tells you whether you have or have not (had an orgasm )is involuntary spasmodic contractions of your vaginal barrel.
  8. wally m

    wally m 14

    masturbate! How is someone else supposed to make you cum when you don't know how.
  9. WildOrchid

    WildOrchid Member

    And who are you - a cartoon character? I think since you managed to post this topic you are real enough. You are your primary sex partner and it's impotrant that you value yourself enough to take time to know yourself. We do it with every new lover. Why do we need to treat ourselves worse than we treat others? Believe me your sex life will benefit a lot from the time you decide to devote to self-discovery.
    I don't have all day to conveince you. Go to Dodson and Ross and check out what two well educated and happy with treir sexuality women have to say.
  10. last weekend i came real close. i could feel it escaping my core, but then he went. and it sucked back in. but it got me really wanting it so i had myself one day for a bit. i found some naughty videos, took out my unused vib and played with myself for about a half hour.
    when i came close, we had been fooling around for a while (played a dirty game). one of the cards was ex. oral or sex, for a limited time. so we'd fuck for four minutes, stop, and when the card was chosen again wed go at it, and i think that really helped somehow, having it then not having it. kind of teasing my body.
    sadly this weekend was the opp of last weekend. we had sex friday, saturday late early sunday we went at it again and i mentioned that i thought a break every once in a while would help me reach, and when we went to go back into the game his member was nonresponsive o,o
  11. MJAwareness

    MJAwareness Member

    I dunno, first girl I fingered said she couldn't come but that was before I knew how. I never really got her there but she said I was closer than anyone else. After she was out of the picture I did some research and learned a technique that's never failed.

    Now, when I finger my fiance, I only use one finger. I bend my knuckle up like I'm trying to hit her clit from behind and then just pound the shit out of the flesh along the top of her vagina. She comes several times with me doing that, she loves it.

    As far as I'm concerned I don't come once until she's come twice. Give your man that challenge and I bet he'll make sure it happens!

    But while you're on your own, take that vibrator and dig it into the top of your vagina walls. That's where your G spot is; about two inches into your vagina, on the top.

    Give 'er hell.
  12. ya since that play i havent gotten that close again..GREAT
  13. ChangeHappens

    ChangeHappens Member

    It looks like you have a psychological predisposition to think of sex as 'dirty'. I assume that this may have something to do with our culture and especially early childhood experiences.

    Judging from your post, you use this type of terminology a lot and seem to be hindered by subconcious thoughts about this that do not allow you to focus on your pleasure. Keep in mind, orgasms are a build up of pleasure and your focus is critical and can be taken away by subconsious thoughts.

    My advice if this is true(even if you think it may be irrelevant) is to bring this subject up with your partner. Questions such as, how were we taught about sex, how does it impact how we experience it and what can we do to remind ourselves of new more realistic ideas. It looks like you have a mental knot to undue. Warning the results may be explosive and enchanting.

    Have fun. All the best.
  14. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

    QFT!!! :hurray:
  15. i do feel like i have a mental knot BUT definately do not think sex is dirty. well it is but in a good way :)

    ...taught about sex in 5th mom didnt really say much about sex, just made sure i knew about stds, but i dont feel like anything anyone said impacts my sexual behavior.
  16. shellebelle

    shellebelle Member

    Damn, girl, you are horny as me....I understand your pain! Once I hit my early 30's I turned into a psycho hosebeast.
    Being you are horny as hell, it isn't going to take much....if he is any good at it, persuade him to "go downtown" til you are on the absolute will know because it's throbbing, it feels sooo damn good....and you are ripping the covers to peices....then, get on top and ride it for all you're worth! Good luck!
    Wow writing that made me very horny! Lmao.:D
  17. bandana_girl

    bandana_girl Member

    i'm having exactly the same problem, its so frustrating! like i get sooo close, my breathing is deep and i feel like something is building up and just gonna explode (sorry for the choice of words lol) but then it just goes away again *sigh* :(
  18. ya, again this weekend. SO freakin close...this time i was extra sensitive and then my clit became sore and the feeling went away. Then a day later we were at it again but he was doing me from behind and i think being on top for me is key.
    WAH :(

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