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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by dayafterpuberty, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. About a week before august of 2004 a very good friend of mine past on. He was only 16. He was a smart and an all around guy. Everyone loved him for who he was and for what he did. I had problems during school for a while but i managed. Ive gotten better but its still there. A kid like him never goes away. I only knew him for a short time of his life, but in that short time i knew him more than most. IVe tried to get it through my head that hes not here anymore, but a large part still believes hes here with me. Ive been to his grave many a times and ive paid my respects many a times. Im not sure what else to do. Does anyone know what i could do?
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    i no how yur feeling. a good friend of mine that i have known all my life died december 2 2004 of a drug overdose. he was only 17. its hard to deal with it especially when the person was so young. i feel like a part of me died with him and i dont think i will ever 'get over' his death. i wrote a few poems and stuff like that to help deal but the best healer is time.
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    when i was in grade 11 my best friend troy was killed in a car took me along time to deal with it. but our group of friends had decided that every year on his birthday we would still get together. we all go to his parents house and have supper and stuff. this still happens . even though were all in our 20s now and some of us are married and some have kids but we all still go. and on that day we remember and miss him and talk about him. and when its over everyone feels good and another year goes by.its hard to tell people how to morun the loss of a friend. cuz everyone is diffrent. my advice to u is to find a speical way to remember them. and then get on with ur life. the best thing u can do is live ur life to the fullist for those who didnt get the chance
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    there's nothing else you can do. I lost my best friend last year, and he was also a person that is like no other. Cherish the time you had together and someday time will lick your wounds. Mine are still healing. unfortunately I'm watching another close friend dig his own grave with herion. It won't be too long now.

    Much peace to you and I hope your heart repairs itself soon.
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    I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling like he's still here. For all we know the people we've known who've passed on ARE still here one way or another.

    I was walking late one night on an empty street thinking about someone I'd lost recently and I swear I suddenly felt a warm hand on my shoulder. Could have been anything, all I know is it made me feel really good.

    The way I took it was her saying "hey man it's cool, but thanks for still thinking about me.

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