cleveland/chattanooga area

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by psychedelicgirl, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. anybody around there?
    i'm not currently, but it's where i'm from, so i visit fairly often.
  2. hippyjeepgirl

    hippyjeepgirl Member

    I am in Chattavegas....
  3. Brutalshroom

    Brutalshroom Member

    I live in Cleveland....unfortunately.

  4. I'm in Dalton, GA. Kind of in between Chatty and Cleveland.
  5. Slabobbin

    Slabobbin Member

    I'm in Ocoee. :) Glad to see some others here.
  6. Sal329

    Sal329 Member

    Im here for 5 more weeks.
  7. Curtis Loew

    Curtis Loew Member

    I'm in nooga!
  8. Hey, that's a new one! If I ever hear it again referred to as "Chatt-town", it will be too soon.
  9. BloodyXtears

    BloodyXtears Member

    lol I live about 45 minutes away
    In Dayton

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