clean two weeks now.

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by goobyman, May 30, 2004.

  1. goobyman

    goobyman Member

    Yea, I never thought I would see the day when I wouldn't be smoking, but two weeks now... and so far the only time I really wanted to was last night when I was getting stressed about cash because I am moving into an apartment with a friend, and I still don't have a job, but smoking would have only hindered my job searching abilities... SO Yea.. this is nice... not having to worry about jobs and such.... .... ahhh who am I kidding....
  2. Paulncaroline

    Paulncaroline Member

    2 weeks... nice, when you light up your first one...hold on.:D
  3. FREE

    FREE Member

    i aint smoked a joint in four years man,it seems like the closer i get to my freedom,the more i want it,if i could get some shrooms or some acid im sure i wouldnt crave weed man but damn i wish i could smoke one and chill out man.the bad part is that i have a joint as i speak about it but im not willing to let it fly and smoke it up man,not for three more months anyways,dude if i could say anything hehehehe it`d be smoke up man,dont take that freedom for granted man
  4. Paulncaroline

    Paulncaroline Member

    O.K Man! I think that you know man, allright man. see ya later man.
  5. emublazin

    emublazin Member

    thats cool stay up!

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