classroom of chains

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by dreamergirl, May 8, 2004.

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    In this classroom we sit hours upon years looking out the closed windows the blinds like bars keeping us in from the world below with the passing cars and parents with little ones yearning to be big and a part of the school world oblivious to the way it begins you on a path not your own one in a mask held on with chains binding you to that in which they have created for you.
  2. VanAstral

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    beats going to work though
  3. osiris

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    it is only one cell in a much larger prison which we may only refer to as "the system". but your heart and mind can reach beyond, just give it time.

    but it does beat going to work, astral's right about that...

    much love :)
  4. Fractual_

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    one has to accept whatever one is doing, so one may stay centered.(the tao)

    school can be a very good learning experience, if you know what your looking for.

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