Class #2) Cultivating Inexpensive Interests & Cheap Hobbies

Discussion in 'Independent Living' started by Libertine, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    YES!!!! Its MOULD-killler variety-Indian Res. here got it bad a few years back and had to destroy and re-build LOTS of houses--and your income plan is dumb--Afraid to dirty your hands with real work?

    Yeah, I can be as sarcastic as our (HAHA) "beloved" teacher, who hath disappeared.

    Suggest you get a money making hobby at the least and don't count your buds before they grow!

  2. DrKlunk

    DrKlunk weewoo island

    Question, if you dont mind:

    So, the purpose of independent living is not to become entirely self sufficient but to just live comfortably with less?
  3. highasfawk

    highasfawk Member

    This is wrong. If you are not living up to your potential in life, and worse- living off others, your doing something wrong. How selfish and ignorant can you be? You want do "away" from the system, but take advantage of its benefits? That's just being selfish. Guys, there's no way out of it, if you want ot be successful in life, you have work. If you can live with your self, knowing that others work hard to pay for your life style of working to the least of your potential, your doing something wrong. Everyone has a role to play. Be the most you can be.

    There are people out there that would kill just to have the opportunity to work and be able to live comfortably, don't take what you have for granted, dont ask for more, and if you do, be ready to work for it.

    Thank you.
  4. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    nooo, this class was about inexpensive interests & cheap hobbies..obviously if someone else has to pay for your hobby then you need a cheaper hobby.

    Hobbies like drawing, hiking, reading, writing poetry, yoga, knitting, fishing or gardening doesn't have to take lots of $$$ to do.

    And by the way; what does "living up to your potential in life" actually mean?
  5. Faye

    Faye Member

    Its kind of interesting for me, because I have debt that I need to eliminate, not a lot but some. But I have plenty of creative hobbies that cost little or no money. As far as the outdoor hobbies I need to increase thoes so thanks.
  6. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    I think the point is moot. Independent living is a non-issue.
  7. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    well it should be obvious that if you can live with less, then you will need less money to do so. You won't have to work overtime to pay for stuff that you don't need.
  8. chlosse

    chlosse Guest

    That's pretty useful and logical, and some of what you talked about I already live by..but it's only lessening your footprint on the already muddy carpet of corporate America.
    I work in a retail electronics store, and I get pretty fed up with the constant pressure to milk people of their money and gain profit..
    Besides having conversations with each customer I come in contact with, what else can I do to impact people around me? Thanks for the lesson <3

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