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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Namron123, Jan 22, 2009.

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    A retrograde planet is a planet moving backwards. Speed is a different thing. In traditional astrology, a retrograde planet is a debility, and so is a slow moving planet, though not as much. A fast moving planet is usually considered a good thing, especially in horary astrology.
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    Okay to be honest, I am one of designers and developers of this software and am curious what you gusy think of it. Feedback appreciated.

    We wrote interpretations in from a perspective of a real life, not in a fanciful of lyrical style, but real as the life can be. Hope you enjoy them.

    I'm a fan of astrology that serves inner exploration and spiritual purposes. I like doing something with it, as being a tool. And so we designed the program for people who are keen on meditating or other practices - for this check Time Windows - how to achieve maximum results with a minimal effort.

    Best, Namron
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    Doesn't a retrograde planet just appear to go backwards?
    I do believe there are effects from this; however, when I actually did a bit of research into it, I was rather disappointed (and surprised) that this is more of an illusion, based on where (here on earth) it is being viewed from.
    Or am I totally incorrect?
  5. Enlil6

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    Yes and the planets look really small from here but they are actually really big! :p

    It's an effect caused by differing orbits from our perspective. This is why the Sun and Moon never go retrograde.

    In traditional astrology, a retrograde planet is simply a debility. It takes away from the planet's essential nature. For instance Jupiter's nature is to be benefic and produce good things. When it is retrograde, that nature is hampered, so while it may still produce good while retrograde, that good will either be less than normal or be taken away once it's given.
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    Yeah I found that site recently and it's pretty good for a computerized reading. It pointed out a lot about me that I haven't seen in a computerized reading before, so that's cool.
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    I disagree.

    I believe a retrograde planets actually internalises planetary force. For example if you have excessive Jupiter, being retrograde may help omitting excessiveness. And Mars for instance. If it's suppressed, retrograde Mars probably won't help, but if exaggerated, a person will benefit from the internalising effect of normally extroverted Mars.

    So, I wouldn't take traditional views too quickly.

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    Thank you :)
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    If you're doing psychological astrology that would make sense. If you are trying to find out about someone's financial outlook, not so much.
  10. Namron123

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    Cool, thanks. I do astrology for spiritual purposes, you could call it psychological I guess.

    Didn't know retrogrades are so malefic in financial astrology...hmm Thanks for that :)

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    I've used Canopus on my own computer for quite a while which is basically the same. Too bad you can't get it anymore (that I know of). The transit advancing feature is extremely helpful, plus so much latitude in chart selection. It was the best free program. I'm glad I still have it. Did you help write it?

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