cindy sheehan

Discussion in 'Protest' started by luna99, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. luna99

    luna99 Member

    I'm sure (hopefully) everyone has heard of this courageous woman by now.. but if not.. check out this video of what's going down in crawford texas..

    I'm going to try to make it out there to show support in the upcoming weeks, and I urge anyone who feels it within their heart to do the same... also keep up to date with what's happening by listening to They are doing frequent updates on all the happenings at camp casey.

    I recently lost my best friend in june, and I saw how hard it was for her mother to lose her child.. I can only imagine how horrible it is to lose a son in war that shouldn't even be happening.
  2. ChanginTimes

    ChanginTimes Member

    Some people have said that she's the next "Rosa Parks".
  3. hope it doesn't become the chicago DNC.......
  4. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    7:30 tonight (oops thats in like 10 minutes!) there are going to be vigils all over in support of cindy.
    if you're in pensacola, come to end of the line!
  5. I think she's a disgrace to her son. I still signed the petition though cause online petitions are useless. [​IMG]
  6. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    We had one last night in from of the federal building in our town.
  7. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    thanks to cindy sheehan.. our local paper now actually has some local news.

    i live in the same town as her. i haven't really noticed anyone here doing anything different or special.

    it was to my understanding her son wanted to join the military, he wasn't forced, wasn't drafted. i understand her heartbreak though. i have 3 kids and i'd be pretty pissed off if the president allowed this to happen to one of my kids.
    it should happen to anyone. american or iraqi.

    oil for blood
  8. ChanginTimes

    ChanginTimes Member

    You're not too bright, are you...

    Did anyone hear about the pro-Bush/pro-war truck-driver who ran over the crosses along the roadway (erected by the anti-war folk) in order to show his opposition to the anti-war crowd? He actually ran over the crosses that symbolized those who have fallen during the Iraq War. Now, to me, that's as radicalizing as getting hit in the face by a police officer for not 'moving along' fast enough.
  9. AT98BooBoo

    AT98BooBoo Senior Member

    Give 'em H*ll Cindy!!!!

    I didn't know about the nationwide vigils otherwise I would have tried to find a local one to attend.

    "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted"- Matthew 5:4

    "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." Matt.5:9
  10. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    No parent should suffer the pain of losing a child. All she wants is the truth as to what cause her son died for. As a parent, I totally support her and hope she gets the answers that she deserves.
  11. JungleFungus

    JungleFungus Member

    "Modern Liberals, With Some Exceptions, Are Fascists.

    Facism is essentially extreme nationalism, or, as prideful Americans say to distinguish their nationalism from that that started the Halocaust, "Patriotism." I thought the conservatives were the ones accusing liberals of being unpatriotic for not supporting the war.

    They Preach Peace At The Expense Of Liberty,

    Right, because Liberals want to take away your liberty from unwarranted searches and seizures, they want to give your kids information to the military and allow the military into his school, and they want to be able to monitor your phone conversations... oh wait... those are republicans... silly me.

    Diversity At The Expense Of Common Sense

    Yea, because that's not what Republicans did when they appointed Condoleeza Rice Secretary of State

    Equality At The Expense Of Fairness And Choice At The Expense Of Life.

    I'm not going to get into abortion, but don't you think that if you can't stand fetuses being aborted then you should also not be able to stand thousands of young men dying overseas?

    They Are The First To Speak About Rights, Yet They Seek To Deny You Yours If You Disagree With Them.

    Right, because you have a right not to get into an arguement with someone who disagrees with you and has much better points, don't you?

    They Vociferate The Importance Of Free Speech, Yet Do Everything In Their Power To Stifle Yours.

    Which is exactly why they are the ones who clamored to have every song containing the words "Plane", "bomb", and, God help us, "smoke" taken off the air after September 11, as well as pulling songs about peace and protest off the air at the beginning of our imperializatin of Iraq. Oh, wait...

    They Demonize The Very System Which Allows Them The Freedom To Criticize In The First Place,

    How do they do that, by criticizing it? Oh wait, liberals don't beleive in democracy, they like to disenfrancise voters and throw away ballots or rig voting machines to get their clown elected, don't they? Isn't George Bush a liberal?

    And They Are The Last People In Line When It Comes To Defending The One Country On Earth That Would Ever Tolerate Their Hypocrisy.

    Which is why Cheney, Bush, and Karl Rove all dodged the draft and John Kerry, that good old republican earned purple hearts in that same war.

    They Are Divisive, Immoral And Utterly Incapable Of Understanding Why Everything I Just Wrote Is The Truth."

    This very statement itself is devisive, as any jackass can see. It is perfectly moral to lie and kill and rig elections, and they don't understand why what you just wrote is the truth because to do so would be to swallow another bald faced conservative lie.

    Okay, time for bed.
  12. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    Yeah, I'm not sure how you could connect liberals to fascism when todays conservatives have made their fascist motives quite visible, what with trying to ban gay mairrage and calling anyone who doesn't agree with bush a "terrorist" and making the patriot act (it really can't get any more fascist than the patriot act). The truth is conservatives are all about banning things they don't like and destroying our privacy. Thats pretty funny, since conservatives supposedly support a smaller government.
  13. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    My 21 yr old son is in Iraq now...he called this morning and talked for 40 minutes. I also have this poem with his picture in the poetry forums.

    come home soon
    I hugged him as a boy.
    And through the years he has become
    My greatest pride and joy.

    I love him more than I can say,
    His life more precious than my own.
    But gone are the whims and notions
    Of the little boy that I have known.

    For the years have passed so quickly
    Since the time it all began,
    And now he stands before me
    With the convictions of a man.

    He wants to serve his country
    He states aloud with pride,
    As I try to sort out the emotions
    That I'm feeling deep inside.

    A union of the uncertain fear,
    Which I cannot control,
    And the allegiance that lies deep within
    My patriotic soul.

    I trust that my years of guidance
    Will serve as a strong foundation
    As he perfoms the duties requested
    From his beloved nation.

    God, please guide him as he travels
    To the places our Military have bled,
    And walk with him through pathways
    where those heroes' feet have tread.

    Oh, Sweet Land of Liberty,
    Humbly I give you my son,
    Praying you'll return him safely home
    When his work for you is done.
  14. da420

    da420 Banned

    Wow Squawkers...beautiful poem!
  15. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Anti-war Sheehan quits Texas camp

    [​IMG] Cindy Sheehan's protest has become a lightning rod for debate

    A bereaved mother who has been protesting outside President Bush's Texas ranch has left because her mother has had a stroke.

    Cindy Sheehan went to Los Angeles to visit her, but said she will return "as soon as possible if it is possible".

    She has demanded Mr Bush withdraws US troops from Iraq. Her eldest son, Casey, was killed in action in 2004.

    Ms Sheehan had pledged to stay in Crawford throughout Mr Bush's summer holiday until he agreed to meet her.

    Her supporters said she hoped to return in the next 24 to 48 hours, depending on her mother's condition, Reuters news agency reported.

    "There is no doubt about this with Cindy - she started the movement, she'll finish the movement," said Ann Wright, who manages the camp's operations.

    Ms Sheehan has become a focus for anti-war sentiment since her protest began in Crawford on 6 August.

    About 100 anti-war activists have joined her at the site and more than 1,000 vigils were held around the US in support of Ms Sheehan on Wednesday night. The president has so far refused to meet Mrs Sheehan, although he says he has given her plea for troop withdrawal serious consideration. White House officials have pointed out that Mrs Sheehan met the president on a previous occasion, and made her views known on that occasion.

  16. element7

    element7 Random fool

    Hey squawkers, you're not alone for sure. After being at the camp I can tell you that as a fact.
    Wage Peace.
  17. da420

    da420 Banned

    ok if she wants answers that's fine, but there are answers out there. What she does instead is claim Bush murdered her son and that is wrong, it was extremist islamics that killed her son while he was fighting for the iraqi's people's freedom.
    "Right, because Liberals want to take away your liberty from unwarranted searches and seizures, they want to give your kids information to the military and allow the military into his school, and they want to be able to monitor your phone conversations... oh wait... those are republicans... silly me."
    and the dems don't support that? yeah right...
  18. drew172

    drew172 Senior Member

    im just happy that someone is taking a huge stand for what they believe dont hear about things like that much least i dont, definitely not aorund here
  19. da420

    da420 Banned

    Right here shows who can't face the truth...
    Quoting Sheehan: "I want to ask the president, why did he kill my son?"

    Oh NO! Iraqi freedom! how sick! they can now vote for their government! This must be stopped!
    Yes Bush's heart may or may not have been in the right place but Saddam was a tyrranical, murderous dictator with terrorist ties and wmd's whether you admit it or not. It may be about oil but freedom is being given to the people of Iraq. A Democracy is being installed in a part of the world that a democracy is needed. I'm not saying it was the right thing to do, but it is in no way an impeachable offense.

    Btw, he is your leader too. I didn't vote for Bush so sorry to burst your your bubble. I voted Libertarian.
    I like your little insults. It's really laughable man. Shows your maturity and ability to come up with an argument not based on facts but insults. If you knew my views you would know I'm not a demoreplifuck. But you assume I am, why? Is it because you got your panties in a bunch because I made a simple statement of fact and then an opinion that you just so happen did not agree with? Probably, so you counter that with assumptions, false information, and insults. Typical Liberal if you ask me.
  20. element7

    element7 Random fool

    I am curious da420 about this tie between libertarian ideals and imperialism. The libertarians whom I know personally don't subscribe to ideals of imperialistic expansion but rather something quite the opposite. Forced democracy under the hand of a very large government doesn't seem to fit either. We spend billions on a war of expansion and the insurance to maintain a continued military presence in a foreign country. I was under the impression that this grand spending which does not directly benefit US citizens was also rather contradictory to libertarian ideals. I've noticed that there are a few people here who claim the same as yourself, you are libertarian yet you support massive spending on imperialism. Perhaps you guys could get together and logicly explain this.

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