Cia Torture: A Stain On Our Values And History

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    The US Senate Intelligence Committee released it's report on CIA Torture related to the War on Terror.

    It had nothing good to say about the actions and policies of the CIA.

    The report states that "no actionable intelligence" that wasn't already available from other sources was obtained from all the torture inflicted by the CIA in detention centers around the world. In fact the torture often yielded misinformation. People were held and tortured in deplorable dungeons, some without any valid reason.

    In addition, the report indicates that essential information about the nature and extent of the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) was withheld from Secretary of State Colin Powell and President G.W. Bush. Vice President Dick Cheney was not mentioned in this regard.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, who was also not fully briefed on the EITs, gave the summary on live TV. She seemed furious that the heads of the CIA had outright lied to her committee. She described the CIA's actions as "a stain on our values and history."

    In response to release of the report, Senator John McCain gave an impassioned speech SUPPORTING the release of the report and condemning the use of torture by the CIA. McCain, himself once a prisoner and a victim of torture, was eloquent, pointing out how the CIA had subverted America's most cherished values, specifically "inalienable" human rights.

    McCain's speech is likely to make it more difficult for defenders of torture, like Dick Cheney to sway other conservatives, especially when framed in such patriotic terms, by the "patriot" John McCain.

    Seeming to accept responsibility, before the release of the report, Dick Cheney said:
    "The program was authorized....If I had to do it over again, I would do it."

    The report's release was somewhat rushed, and came about despite delaying tactics by Republicans and the White House.
    The upcoming Republican controlled Senate would not have released this report.

    If anything, the report is a good thing as it now sets a public standard of accountability for the CIA and US government regarding the use of torture and rights of detainees.

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    I really thought the khalid sheikh mohammed story was more farcical then fantastical, until i learned about his brother's involvement with abdullah azzam back in the late nineteen hundred and an emissary between the maktab-al-khitmat "bureau" and the isi. then when i found out that azzam had toured dankestan looking for some good weed to smoke i realized it had nothing to do with terrorism at all.............

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    "The US Senate Intelligence Committee released it's report on CIA Torture related to the War on Terror."

    There are many methods of interrogation, the degree and methodology may differ and "developed" through the years - but it all boils down to a form of torture, be it Mental, Physical or Chemical being employed.
    These are not down to a single country (or agency), but to many
    The justification is subjective to ones ideology and doctrine, urgency and/or consequence (of in-action)
    It has, is and will always be - that is the ways of things - and as so all one can do is be transparent in it's employment of such - that way there can be a degree of accountability - and perhaps; it may be argued, ... deterrent (?)

    The US Senate Intelligence Committee released it's report on CIA Torture related to the War on Terror.
  4. War on Terror?

    That supposed war the U.S.A is being doing for the last 15 years was always a scam to get limited resources and geopolitical advantages, but escalated to a mass crime when I saw a report saying was legible since the Twin Towers to drone a crowd to kill one target if everyone in that crowd had at least 12 years old.

    The excuse they used was war on terror, and now U.S.A is scattered around the globe supporting financially and militarily mercenaries to dethrone legitimate governments and create civil wars. I don't argue the mechanisms they use, I argue the propaganda they transmit internationally on payed/controlled media to turn the victims into the victimizers, turning reality totally upside down.
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    its not just the US, britain has its hands covered in blood and human rights abuse. How do you make a person hate a person? you take way the humanity of the person your getting them to hate and create a monester than is threating their lives. which is what be done for so long
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    didn't bill Clinton start the rendition program? where they pick you up and fly you all over till you end up in some country where hooking you up to a car battery is legal?
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    I think it was Janet Reno after she called Ayman Al-Zawahiri who knew that Al-Qaeda was in Somalia in 1993. READ: BLACKHAWK SIDEWAYS. This was before the thin lizzy (read lizard) went to Strawberry Dankestan to buy a cash crop of opium and mary jane to cell to the Russians in exchange for advice on how to use white gas in the staging of "CLEAN" terrorist false flag hoaxes. He used this knowledge for coaching Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the initieal attack on Word Centers of Trade (the orginal sauce WCT), which 'HAPPENED' later that year.

    All of this was a news item memo and headsup with respect to the Chechnyan rebels that he was seeking to "purge" from the EAST UKRAINE. That is before Yuri Yanukovich gave a blowjob to Michael Sobcheck in exchange for data on Boris Yeltsin's golf handicap. (that is, since he wasn't handicapped, he sought to handicap Yeltsin with Sobcheck and all the rest, including Abramovich, Khordorkovsky, Manafort, Donald Trump and Cher)

    That was before the subliminal film about Summer Camps covering as "Holocaust Centers" was produced by Chers then fourteen year old boyfriend Matthew McConaughey. I think the name of the film was "Agamemnon's Mask", before it became MASK, which was the one that Jim Carrey was so famous for.
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    If there's any hope for the CIA, it lies in tearing it down and building something else.

    As it is now, it disgraces the government with a reputation for dragging the constitution through the dirt by committing heinous crimes, and having garbage information to show for it. It's like a Schutzstaffel that isn't even competent enough to accomplish oppression.
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    Does anyone really think we are getting an honest story about all of this? There's no way we can expect it, especially with the CIA. Anything we're seeing about them was leaked intentionally and with purpose.
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    do we really need another department like the CIA ? it will just be corrupted like all the rest.

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