Christians are Terrorists!

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by skip, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Yes, sorry to say, but Christians are Terrorists!

    Fear is how Christian Terrorists recruit more good, tolerant and peaceful people into their warmongering, intolerant ways...

    Fear Sin!
    Fear God!
    Fear Hell!
    Fear Satan!
    Fear Demons!
    Fear Apocalypse!
    Fear Eternal Damnation!

    What great recruiting tools!

    It's called mind control, and it's exactly what all Cults and Terror organizations do to recruit and keep their sheep.

    And when they're not busy recruiting more sheep by making them fear the reaper, they're out on CRUSADES, killing muslims to gain control of their resources.

    They're sooo good at this Crusader thing, they're able to recruit non-Christians into their armies either with monetary enticements or just ratcheting up the FEAR level by labeling Muslims "terrorists" and "the enemy".

    Christians use fear to ensure compliance with whatever agenda they happen to have in mind. The fact that innocent people, half-way around the world die everyday at the hands of Christians seems pretty irrelevant to them. Their unconcern seems very typical of terrorists.

    Of course living in America we are surrounded by Christian terrorists. We are constantly being bombarded with Christian symbols, thoughts, propaganda, prophecies, prosetelitizing, witnessing, etc.

    All of this is an effort to get and keep more recruits using people's most basic FEAR of death to manipulate them.

    So despite all the science that disproves so much of what Christians believe, we are still faced with their dominance in our society.

    But now is the time to change that. We must put these terrorists in their place. Since America allows religious freedom, it's fine to be a Christian. But I think the time has come to curtail the prostelitizing, curtail the Christian influence in the political system, curtail the Crusades which have been launched by our fundamentalist Christian leader who talks to God.

    We must do this, and do this fast and effectively, or else America will soon become a battleground as Christians and non-Christians work out their differences VIOLENTLY!

    It's time for Christians to start following the WORDS of Christ and not the LIES their leaders have uttered in HIS name. Become PEACEFUL, tolerant, good people like you were BEFORE you became a Christian. Before you were taught to FEAR so many things that don't exist!
  2. MrRee

    MrRee Senior Member

    Agreed. But the problem is this ~ christians are organised into lobby groups that hound government at all levels incessantly intil their goals, or even near approximations (being a foot in the door for on-going caqmpaigning) are achieved. This is the same tactic that the "gun lobby" uses in the USA. I heard on tonights news that a US senator was asked why, when only 15% of constituents are in favour of guns being freely available and 85% oppose, are laws tailored to suit that lobby group. His answer was ~ "because the 15% are organised." Put simply, this means that 85% of the population who have no direct affiliation to a principle, understanding, or need are a rabble. What needs to happen is for those in the 85% to begin an organisation focussing upon the non-requirement of fire-arms.
    The same thing can be said about those who are ambivalent, atheistic, or anti-religious ~ get together in an organised way to speak out as one voice against the tyranny of religious mind and behaviour control. Link up with ex-christian sites that are in profusion, and change the one way tide of religious zealotry that is killing both people and environment.
  3. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Good points. This is why Christians need to unite against those who use Christ for profit and political gain. It seems only Christians can influence other Christians. We can shout all we want in these forums, but you're unlikely to influence a single one, because they know everything already cause it's all in a 2,000 yr. old book. So you can't argue with their circular, illogical lies.

    But if Christians use the bible to point out how others are abusing Christian teachings perhaps they can get the message. At the very least they should disenfrancise the worst among them, those who have abused their positions of power as the head of various Christian sects to further UNChristian goals.
  4. 000noway000

    000noway000 Guest

    alright you know what, wtf skip?? look i agree with you, but if a normal member posted a message even close to this one in its intolerance of a group on these forums, they wouldve been banned. wtf man??
  5. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Have you read the forum guidelines yet?
  6. 000noway000

    000noway000 Guest

    yes and wouldnt calling christians "terrorists" be concidered intolerance and flaming? so you followed it with a rambling series of paragraphs... that makes the post legit?
  7. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Not when the Christians themselves are the INTOLERANT ones, no. Have you even been following what I've been writing or are you ONLY responding to the title of this thread?

    And it's only regarding PERSONAL attacks that we take action. You can post up attacks against groups or as many hate filled messages as you want. Long as it's not directed at individual members of this site, it is allowed.

    Otherwise you couldn't disparage the President or his administration, could you?

    In fact, we'd then have to ban anyone speaking negatively about Al-Qaeda, cause it's a group too.

    Free Speech, got it?

    Back on topic, or get banned.
  8. 000noway000

    000noway000 Guest

    oh really? im glad you told me that skip, because i happen to know someone who was banned for racist, sexist, and homophobic posts that werent directed at anyone specific. i think your moderators misuse their power.
  9. shaman sun

    shaman sun Member

    Hmm, I'd say you are right Skip, but only to a point. The Christians who are "Terrorists" can't even conceive a developed sense of spirituality. Highly ethnocentric individuals can't understand divinity cannot be pre-packaged and organized. The organizations are a means to rise up, a means to help them evolve, not become stagnant. But we all go through these levels, we all develop. It's just sad that a lot of the pathologies of those who are ethnocentric cannot yet see that spirituality is not so black and white, and the fear is really not of the divine, but of themselves; they are scared, and remain in the unknown. They are fearful, and so in their doctrine there is fear. If you can see where they are coming from, it's best to not attack them, no? Sheep are sheep. If we want to be of any help, and not merely be another force attacking them and feeding fuel to the fire, we must be patient and have faith (Not in any cookie-cutter definition) that all human beings are inevitably capable of love and evolution.
  10. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Yes, they are sheep, but they don't have to be! They need only become aware of how they are being manipulated by those who use religion to control others. Yes, even sheep can evolve into something more aware.

    But it's not gonna happen if you don't deal with the shephards who purposely keep the sheep in the dark about TRUTH. The shephards have manufactured their own complex "truths" which are nothing more than a logic loop of lies that ensnares wild sheep, and keeps the rest of the flock from straying.

    Once they're in the flock, it's nearly impossible to FREE THEM! That's because Christianity uses the most time-tested techniques of CULT mind control. Peer pressure, FEAR of all those things Christians fear, and the logic loop to keep their minds forever closed (until death - when they're in for a big surprise!).

    So we must bring the shephards down a few notches. We must take away the power they have over the hearts and minds of their sheep.

    We must FREE the Sheep!

    There isn't time to lose. If the Sheep aren't freed, they will soon become cannon fodder (it's already begun in Iraq, soon it will be everywhere). And as their slaughter begins, no one will be safe, as the Christian mess will affect one and all. They WANT Apocalypse NOW!


  11. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    A damn good start would be to vote more and more repubs back to their crooked little lives at home.They are the hypocrites that help perpetuate the bullshit and give credence to fallwell,700 club dickweeds and the others.Money grubbing scammers is all they are and I doubt we can wake many up --you know how intractable they are.Trying to reason with true believers is like talking to a radio that's on.
  12. Christianity is the Boss Cult of the world...they can demonize all the other cults and get away with it.
  13. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Gee, it sure is NICE for a change to have such a discussion without being told I'm going to rot in hell, or that I'm satan, or the #1 enemy, as had been the case here before.

    Those were disrespectful attempts at censorship by fundamentalist Christians, who are no longer welcome here.

    Now more people of moderate views will feel free to express themselves without having to face the ridicule and insults of fundamentalists.
  14. There's a big difference between the fundamentalists who are constitutionally incapable of participating in any type of dialogue, existing only to shut others down, and reasonable, thoughtful conservative Christians such as Alsharad and Jatom who aren't going to change their basic position, yet remain respectful of others and are willing to go out on a limb philosophically.

    IMO, folks like them should be welcomed and encouraged to participate, because they bring an intelligenty-presented opposing perspective.
  15. shaman sun

    shaman sun Member

    We cannot free the sheep. That's not up to us. All we can do is point out is that they're already free. The rest is a game they've lulled themselves to sleep with. The best way to get about helping these 'sheep' is not to attack their leaders specifically, and those who manipulate and coerce, those damned Shepherds :p. Without a flock, the shepherd is powerless . . . so . . . Ahem, become the sickness to cure it.
  16. CrazedPotHead

    CrazedPotHead Member

    YOU'RE SATAN! haha, just kidding :p i actually agree with you
  17. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    By disrespecting the webmaster, the attempt isn't to silence me (it wouldn't work anyway, as Christian insults have no power since they have no truth).

    It's an attempt to keep other Christians from listening to me, by labeling me something so awful to Christians that they automatically stick their fingers in their eyes (so they can't read my words), and go "la,la,la,la,la,la"...

    I suppose if the situation were different, they'd be gleefully STONING me to death. I do believe a few who have visited this forum have envisioned worse. All because I speak my mind. It's really no different from what terrorist Muslims would do. No different at all.

    Isn't that amazing? Such a peaceful group, American Fundamentalist Christians!
  18. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Everyone is welcomed so long as they follow the NEW rules for this forum.
  19. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    UPDATE: The Vatican's second-highest ranking doctrinal official on Monday forcefully branded homosexual marriage an evil and denounced abortion and euthanasia as forms of "terrorism with a human face."

    Ah the Pope isn't finished being INTOLERANT yet. More HATE coming from the Vatican!

    More to add to my list:
    Fear GAYS!
    Fear Abortionists!
    Fear Terrorism!

    Anything else the Catholic and Christian Churches would like us to FEAR AND HATE?

    With this HUGE LIST of FEARS (see the rest of the list earlier in this post) the ENORMITY of Christian Intolerance becomes clear.

    And who is the TERRORIST here? Who makes us FEAR our fellow humans more than the Pope and Christianity? Bush & Cheney I suppose, but they too are Christians...
  20. Varuna

    Varuna Senior Member

    So, how SHOULD they behave?

    Please advise.

    Peace and Love

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