Christianity is a chain that keeps the downtrodden "in their place".

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Share the Warmth, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. With the constant guilt trips being laid down from your first visit there, priests telling us we can't make decisions for ourselves, the oppressing aesthetic of the architecture of the churches themselves with the intentions of making you feel small and insignificant, and the constant fear of eternal damnation, Christianity seems not only like a blatant ruse to me, but as a means to actually SUPPRESS the soul.

    It seems more anti-spiritual than anything.
  2. mariposa

    mariposa Member

    I dont know in what church you have been or to what kind of priest you talked, but it always depends on you if you choose to obey some self-absorbed priests or if you choose to spend time with yourself and the bible or some hippie christians (hippie priests).
    If so called christian people choose to depress others and be bad, there are as many who are not. Not every word spoken in the name of God, is spoken with his blessing.
    I hope you understand what I try to say ;)

  3. I know what you're saying and I agree with it somewhat. There are some really great people out there who are Christians, but in general I see Christianity as a pretty negative force in today's political environment. The good intentions were probably there at some time but even going back to the middle ages it seemed to be used as a tool for controlling the working class (or maybe more appropriately, the slave class).
  4. mariposa

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    What has the christian belief to do with politics?

    The reason why "witches" (what they weren't) were burnt is of political issues, its always about power. All forced christianity, wars in the name of God have power issues. Its agains the point of charity, so its not the will of God. Its only about power, political power.

    The only problem is human nature, not religion.

    Thats my opinion. Feel free to have yours :)

    Take care, Sara
  5. You have a point. I should have worded this thread "christianity is currently being used as a chain to keep the downtrodden "in their place". There is a big difference, as I don't think my gripe is as much with the existence of Christianity but how it's being used to control the lives of others.
  6. mariposa

    mariposa Member

    I agree with you. Many Christians are far away from living with the words of Jesus. And its so sad what gets done in the name of God or Allah.

    But I wonder if it would make a difference if there wouldnt have been a bible or Christianity at all. Would there be another religion misused or how would it be without any?
    I just dont think there would be no war or a better place without religion at all.


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