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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by stevebiko, Dec 30, 2004.

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    one of my friends has some chocolates with about an 8th of shrooms in each, but they are rather old, probably somewhere in the area of 3 years. anyway, he dosent trip anymore and would be happy to pass them on to me, otherwise hes gonna throw them out. i really cant stand to see shrooms wasted so i was considering eating them myself, but am not sure if theres any risk in eating shrooms that are so old. they are in chocolate form, and have been dry and wrapped tightly in tin foil for the entire time. the chocolates themselves look fine (no mold, discolorations or anything wacky like that), and they still smell strongly of mushrooms. i'm guessing that the only thing to worry about would be them going bad in a sense of developing mold or something of the sort. i dont think psilocybin turns to poison over time or anything, it only loses its potency, which isnt really a concern. i dont care about eating them and have nothing happen, i just dont want to die or get violently sick which im sure you can all relate too. anybody know anything on the subject?? any help would be awesome.

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