Chloe, my injured min pin

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by erica lalala, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. erica lalala

    erica lalala Member

    This is my one year old mini doberman pinscher, Chloe. She is such a lap dog. I'm honestly overly attached to this dog haha I'm one of those people who like their dogs more than actual people. But anyway, she got hit by a car last Friday and broke her fibula and tibia. Poor baby.. it broke my heart to see her in pain. But she had her surgery and is doing alot better now, although I feel like shit for having to keep her confined to a cage! The vet said to keep her in there because they don't want the plate they put in there to be bouncing around, and Chloe doesn't know how to sit still lol. They have her on fetanyl and tramadol, so hopefully she's not feeling any pain.
  2. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    Your dog looks lovely.Glad for you that she survived the accident.I would love to have a dog but will have to wait till I get my own apartment.( Which could be within the next 18 months yay! )
  3. erica lalala

    erica lalala Member

    woo! that's exciting! and thank you :)
  4. Ol' Zeus

    Ol' Zeus Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I hope your pup has a speedy recovery! Good healing vibes coming your way :)
  5. Spectacles

    Spectacles My life is a tapestry Lifetime Supporter

    Hoping Chloe heals well and fast. I happen to like my dog more than I like most people too. :2thumbsup:
  6. machinist

    machinist Banned Lifetime Supporter

    awh that is a cute puppy.. i just want to snuggle
  7. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    How precious! I'm glad she's on the mend!
  8. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Cute pup... get well little one.
  9. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    get well soon Chloe! :sunny:
  10. erica lalala

    erica lalala Member

    thanks everyone!! :)

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