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Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by graven, May 24, 2004.

  1. graven

    graven Member

    Tell me what you think of the place. I've never been there, and I'm considering the possibility. I'm not big into drugs, but I can tolerate them being around me. Any punk scene? Jobs? Living expense? Does the city tolerate spanging or sign flying? Just want to know if it's a place I might wanna visit.
  2. HappyHaHaGirl

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    When I lived in San Clemente, I met a guy on the beach who was majoring in art there. He said it was cool, but too desertish... he was a surfer, and hated to have to drive so far to the beach. :) He had a cute dog. I lived in Lancaster for a while, too, and totally hated it. I just can't stand the desert, unless it's nighttime, because all the stars are so pretty. :)
  3. DiscoDawn

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    From what I remember...
    It's a big college town, so you can do a lot.
    Its a beautiful place though.
  4. graven

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    elderview...I can't send you a pm, you have them blocked.

    Spanging is a slang term for 'spare changing'. Basically begging. Can also be done with a sign, usually asking for what you want to get, or the funds to get it.
  5. MamaTheLama

    MamaTheLama Too much coffee

    Chico, chico...

    I remember it being overly hot.

    There's a little creek that runs thru town that we used to go sit next to down behind a laundry matt. I remember a few hippie shops/ head shops n the like. A smoothie place, a sandwich place, a trendy coffee shop...a small park with a few hig school aged potheads but not many trees to puff behind...more of a place to play frisbee with the dog. There's a nice section and a cranked out section with a $150 a week motel that's so cheap they dont even have phones in the room. There's a health food shop, chico state U, a few good sized grocery stores... I think rent on a cheap apartment was around 400 a month, but don't quote me. If you ever have kids dont bring them to the Chico Childrens Clinic, last time I was there they were giving the kids high risk experimental vaccines without informing the parents that they weren't the usual vaxs....big bad shit and I believe they still have the contract that gets them all the trial vaccines.
    I dont remember any spangers or even much of a hippy/gutter punk / street group...just mostly a bunch of college students with dreads and brand new patchys and high school kids dressed all in black...ya know the scene.
    My van got broken into and my patchy bag was stolen while I was there..I assume some idiot thought it had drugs in it. Some of the trees in the house section of town have fruit on em..persimmons I think. And there's an orchard somewhere around there, oh yeah...and alot of brown recluse spiders, scary little things.Someone told me they're attracted to the orchard.
    A ton of apartment buildings offering the first month free if you have good credit. Some low income housing that wasn't too scary looking as well.
    Oh yeah...they have a variety of roaches there that BITE and are attracted to damp places.
    Don't ask me about jobs..I never had a real one when I was there, but I'd assume you have to compete with college students.
    Things may have changed too...I haven't been there in about 6 years.

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