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Discussion in 'DMT' started by tryptaminologist, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. So a buddy of mine's been taking chemistry at university; having recently done an extraction and recrystalization lab, he has decided to cook up (or cook out i suppose) some dmt. he's chosen a tek and has the materials and all, but he's debating whether or not to purchase a melting point apparatus to test the purity of his product, and for that matter, any future products. I was a bit skeptical about the idea since these apparati are rather expensive. but suppose he finds a relatively cheap one....Is it worth it? Is a melting point test an accurate determiner of dmt purity? anyone got any opinions would be appreciated. also, if not a melting point apparatus, any suggestions for testing purity?
    thanks guys
  2. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    it is accurate to a certain degree to use melting points, but if to tend to recrystallize your end product two three times then the likelihood of impurities should be low. The only reason that I would be super concerned about it not being pure is if i were changing it from a freebase to a salt form. Usually when people are using the salt form it is for IM, IV, or insufflation. The first two would need to be close to 100% to really be used in that method.

    The color of the final product will tell a good story as well, if you do not have nice white product then you can bet on it that you have some impurities.

    I would actually recommend using a TLC, not only can you identify the compound(of which you already know) and gauge purity as well!!! Your buddy, should be familiar with TLC and how to make a simple one from a few common lab items.

    Good Luck
  3. jia

    jia Member

    I second the idea for TLC, it's cheap and easy to do.

    Melting point test is kind of dicey unless you can accurate measure the temp it starts to melt at anyway anyway.
  4. Alrite, well thanks for the input, SWIM's been looking into TLC and will probably go forward with it. However, SWIM was wondering, what are the dangers of smoking extracted dmt, if any? If the product isn't particularly pure, what sort of negative effects might occur? Could there be some solvent (naphtha or NaOH) mixed in with the dmt crystals that might cause negative physiological effects?
    Just trying to look out for SWIM and settle the concerns of others - always good to know what SWIM's dealing with before hand!
  5. The Center

    The Center Member

    Do you think you are fooling anybody with this "SWIM" stuff?
  6. jia

    jia Member

    Naptha is unlikely, so is NaOH. The solvent probably used in synthesis is benzene which is easily removed in any event.

    It's hard to identify what other materials could make up the rest of the substance, however it is not going to be a solvent.
  7. just pleading the fifth....thought it was common practice....not sure what your problem is....
  8. SWIM was actually doing an extraction, basifying with NaOH, extracting with naphtha. the previous question was actually specifically based around this sort of extraction (not synthesis), and thus SWIM wonders if these chemicals might be present in physiologically relevant amounts (ie. might cause some negative effects) in the extracted product.
    sorry if i did not make this point about extraction clear earlier.
  9. The Center

    The Center Member

    I know it is common practice, that is the problem, people worry too much. (Although, I probably will be paranoid too if I had to live in a place like America.)
  10. 36fuckin5

    36fuckin5 Alchemycologist

    In the full synth, yes, it'd be benzene. But this is just an extraction.[/quote]

    If you have NaOH in your final product, it's going to be very harsh and you may even suck a little piece of lye onto your tongue. Nothing that terribly bad, though. But still, recrystalllize once or twice to be sure.

    And TLC FTW. Easiest at-home analytical chemistry I know of.
  11. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    for whatever reason, SWIM rarely visits these forums. some of the newbies seem to know him, but stop mentioning him after thier first few posts. I guess I may never meet this mysterious person known as SWIM.

    I dont know why we dont use it. other forums (especially bluelight), are rampent with SWIMs and SWIY's...
  12. jia

    jia Member

    NaOH is water soluble, DMT is not. That is your solution is you're worried about any being in there.
  13. 36fuckin5

    36fuckin5 Alchemycologist

    Because it protects you from nothing whatsoever.

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