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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Jahagafut, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Jahagafut

    Jahagafut Member

    OK, so the past few nights when i've gotten high(pot) me and my friends have been able to watch, and enjoy cheech and chong, of course, both times all I remember from the movie is"Cream of Hash and Barley soup" and someone with an axe.

    But I tried to watch this movie while sober, and it was absolutely terrible(Up in smoke)

    Does anybody here actually enjoy cheech and chong while sober(from drugs)? Cause I must say, it's the stupidest movie i've ever seen unless you're high^_^
  2. thahead420

    thahead420 Member

    I think it is ok when you are sober but it is sorta like Halfbaked when you are sober it is just ok. But when you are stoned out of your mind it is the best movie ever.
  3. Jahagafut

    Jahagafut Member

    Well once they got to the point where they had a bunch of fake movies staring them, I had to turn it off(sober)

    But I watched it two nights in a row high,lol
  4. The_Javican

    The_Javican Member

    cheech and chong is great sober, but it's fuckin HILARIOUS baked... man we just get really baked and do cheech and chong voices, and everybody giggles so hardcore
  5. Jahagafut

    Jahagafut Member

    I'm so trying that next time
  6. thahead420

    thahead420 Member

    Hell yeah, me too. That shit will be funny as hell. I need to get my friends to watch Cheech and Chong first... they probably haven't seen it...
  7. jean_genie

    jean_genie psychedelic saturday

    ive never watched any cheech and chong =[ which movies of theirs do you guys like best? ;P
  8. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    For my generation C&C is a bit of history, some of us actually lived that way, although I personally never had to follow my dog around to retreive some good labrador that it ate
  9. sniffmagikmarkrs

    sniffmagikmarkrs Senior Member

    i think the movies are hilarious without drugs..... but of course they are way more funny when you're smokin ganj
  10. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    I reckon 'Up in smoke' and 'The next movie' are best. The last one a type of spoof documentary is poor.
    Oh 'Things are tough all over' is also good. 'Still smoking' is average.
  11. rainbowedskylover

    rainbowedskylover Senior Member

    can you get those films somewhere on the internet
  12. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

  13. just watched "up in smoke" today.

  14. mushroomherb

    mushroomherb Member

    i own up in smoke, its funny as hell

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