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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by TheIcon, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. TheIcon

    TheIcon Member

    Do you guys recommend headshops or purchasing online? And what extract strength would be good for a first time? I mean, will 5x or 10x even do anything?
  2. Glenn1176

    Glenn1176 Member

    I will tell you this, DONT buy from, I placed an order for over $500 bucks 6 days ago and they still havnt sent my order. They say they ship the next day, but they are liars! I am going to report them for fraud if I dont hear anything soon! E-Bay is a good place to order, just dont buy leaves! SalviaZone is a great product to order from there, I would get the purple thats what I tried my first time. It will run you $38.95, but look around because some ppl sell the same product for $52.99
  3. Glenn1176

    Glenn1176 Member

    Headshops are alot more expensive, I paid $30 bucks for a half a gram of the purple SalviaZone. From what I have seen, salvia effects every1 different. A site can say they have 30x and it may have the effects of 15x. I would look at reviews of a few different products before you buy. But I know for a fact that SalviaZone is a good buy! Every1 I have talked to had no complaints!
    Good luck
    P.S. make sure you have a sitter :)
  4. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    Glenn, The Best Salvia is being backed up right now because they have more orders than they ever had. I've heard that they are giving out bonuses for the inconveinience... But, if they're taking too long with your $500 order, I'd suggest trying to get a refund or reporting them.
  5. Glenn1176

    Glenn1176 Member

    If I could get a refund, I would! The only problem is, I cant get ahold of them because thier mailbox is full and not excepting e-mails. I have tried everyday since the 18th, and still no luck. They need to change thier shipping details, because its false advertisement! They could atleast e-mail thier customers and let them know its going to take a little longer, and when they can expect to get thier order! I just want my order, and hopefully a bonus for thier troubles! If they treat me right, I will do alot of buisness with them! I have no complaints on thier product, just being late, and lack of communication. :(
  6. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    I can hook you up, whatcha looking for fellow traveler?
  7. TheEnd808

    TheEnd808 Member

    Kalizhada, why do ebay sellers of Salvia mark their product as incense, when it is likely to assume that most people buying the Salvia would use it for smoking? Is it so it keeps things rather low key? Am I missing something here? Whats wrong with marking your product as a smokeable substance, as its still legal in 44 states. I want to buy off ebay in a few years when I'm 18 for Salvia, but don't want to buy something that is not able to be smoked. Is there a reason for the "incense" label, rather than just saying, "yes, this is a smokeable substance".

    I know not all sellers do this, I was just wondering.
  8. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    Me personally I don't use salvia as direct as others. I make the salvia as an incense. As i knee down to pray or soul search, i place the leaf on a burner,as it burns on the coals the heat reaches the proper temperature and realeases the salvinorin-a then in my prayer I direct the smoke to myself and lightly brush it upon myself and inhale the smoke as Buddhsits' do in their meditation. get the same effect but in a controlled traveling experience. I have met people who have passed away and have visited extinct cultures in this method of useage. I will be putting up personal videos to display how it should be used to combat the irresponsible videos plauging the internet. most retailers put incense as a C.M.A. technique, I put it because that's how i use it. Along with videos I am going to publish my memoires on all my travels including public documented conversations with people who have passed away and art i have done. I hope this sheds some light on the subject.

    One love,
  9. TheEnd808

    TheEnd808 Member

    Ahh, thanks for clearing that up, seems interesting. So anything on ebay labeled as incense IS able to smoked through a pipe or bong the way I've seen most North Americans do it? Not saying most of the vids on youtube aren't irresponsible and harmful, but surely you could smoke it and still be responsible, right? Is your specific product on ebay able to be smoked? Sorry, I am a newb, but I want to research this thoroughly before doing anything. Your method seems interesting and beneficial though.
  10. is great

    i usually wont talk alot about a website, but they have great prices, great shipping price, and theyre quality is good.

    i placed an order on a wednesday night(so it didnt go thought until the next morning). i got it on the following saturday. they took off 10% when they charged me and had a note on the order reciept saying "sorry for the shipping delay" with a smiley face

    so id say they have great customer service, because it getting there saturday is not a delay in my opinion seeing as how it shipped either thursday or friday

    you can check them out though, they have everything from salvia to san pedro cacti

    as far as what to try your first time, id say 5x, maybe 10x, but the 10x i got from bouncing bear was good quality, one hit held for 30 seconds was enough. they have good prices so you could also get plain folliage as well as something like 10x or like 20 to 30x extract, and mix them. there is also tinctures and such but some of them can be potent and salvia can be really intense, its an interesting experience, pretty unique, to many iits not really something "enjoyable" exactly.

    definitely dont expect to smoke it like its cannabis or something, its not a party drug which i am sure you have read and heard before.
  11. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    To theend808, all items can be used how you need them. They will be back up soon.
  12. Stonertower420

    Stonertower420 Senior Member

    Theres a website run by a guy who gives out free samples of 5x, but unfortunately I forgot the name. Anyone wanna help?
  13. This site sends free samples of plain leaf, from what I hear it isnt bad quality plain leaf though, so although it will take more it will be free, it will work, and its a good way to give it a try a couple times.
  14. OldTimer

    OldTimer Member

    I got on the internet and order 10 grams of Salvia 10x from
    The Best Salvia dot com on March 13, 2008.

    It cost my credit card $132.50 and I have already paid that

    Today is March 29, 2008 and I received my purchase. It was
    one gram of Salvia 10x. ONE GRAM.

    They charged me $132.50 for one gram of Salvia 10x and there
    is not a note or coupon to get my other 9 grams of Salvia.

    I ordered 10 grams Salvia 10x from Bouncing Bear Botanicals
    and received it 5 days from when I ordered it.

    The 10x is too strong for me so I am going to order a couple
    ounces of Salvia Leaves/Foliage from Bouncing Bear.

    I trust them, and I got their order on time and I am pleased
    they sent me a 10 percent off coupon to use for my next order.

    I lost $119.25 by dealing over the internet with a bunch of kids
    that think they can rip off customers and get away with it.

    Even though I have heard they are backed up on their orders
    and welcome you back as a customer, I am telling you...

    I received only 1 gram of a 10 gram purchase and there is
    nothing I can do about it except to complain here on this

    I would like to say that Salvia 5x is potent enough for most people
    and 10x is more extreme than I like.

    I think I will try some Salvia foliage/leaves because I am just looking
    for a buzz now and then. I am not looking for an extreme out of
    body experience.

    My advice is to start with leaves/foliage and go from there. Its is
    cheaper and lasts a long time. A nice buzz is better than being
    comatose for 5 minutes and maybe having a bad experience.

    By for now...

  15. landhere

    landhere Member

    Kalizhada: I try to pm you and it doesn't seem to let me. I reada bout your black tincture in another post. Are you only selling this through ebay?
  16. is by far the best and most reliable source. I tried and they just took my info and never sent me anything, never charged me. hopefully i wont get conned by them. u have to be really careful. i ordered an ounce of dried salvia leaves on a saturday (a weekend day no less) and got my package on monday. it was awesome.

    they're pretty well priced. that would be my choice.
  17. JDubs

    JDubs Member

    Alright heres what your gonna do Buck.

    Go to your local head shop, and barter with them for some of that purple sticky salv.

    Then your gonna smoke it.

    Your gonna be laughin hard boy.

    Braap braap!
  18. thewizard69

    thewizard69 Member

    I have tried both and and never had any trouble with my order or the quality from either.

    But, that said, Bouncing Bear was twice as fast with getting my order to me and cost much less. Not only that but when I inquired about some larger quantities of foilage and extracts they cut me a bargain that was better than I expected.

    I have now spent THOUSANDS of dollars with them and have never been dissapointed.

    Their shipping is prompt and the quality is next to none.

    I reccomend them HIGHLY.

    Happy traveling

  19. Glenn1176

    Glenn1176 Member

    I didnt have any problems with thebestsalvia's product, just waiting 2 weeks to get my order.
  20. thewizard69

    thewizard69 Member

    Same here. Why wait 2 weeks when you can get your order in 4 or 5 days?

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