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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by intongues, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. intongues

    intongues The Wizard

    Recently picked up a half o of m, first time I grabbed a fair amount in maybe a year or more. I tried a bit a few weeks ago and was amazing.. so grabbed this much and was sort of stunned at the price.

    THIS stuff though is a tan colour, shiny, but also sort of moist looking. Sort of like if you dropped a dab of water in some salt.. it seems very pure and it has a different smell like I never really smelt before, it remended me of paint but it's hard to really tell.

    I grabbed last year and a few times before.. I remember grabbing a quarter or something like that..
    Once was a really hard type that I had a difficult time even breaking up, I ate chunks like pills!
    Next time was a more powder sticky type but still fairly fine and white. It was one of the best grabs I've done!
    A time after that it was really fine, really white like coke and pretty sure was cut

    So stopped buying for a while but since I got hooked up with a new guy, I got a half o for as cheap, or cheaper than I've gotten a quarter before! Bit under twenty a gram!!
    I figure if it goes down the line two or three times before me i'll get the white powdery stuff and it'll be twice as much!

    Does my theory hold up? It seemed kind of too good to be true. But it sure is awesome stuff!
  2. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    $20 a gram is not bad deal when buying a half oz. I think in Canada you would pay $30-40 a gram for one. Sounds like you got some MDMA that was not acetone washed completely. This would explain the brown color and smell. Although most stuff I have seen from Canada is brown, color is not a good indication of purity. I have rolled HARD off that brown stuff.

    I would dry your stash out if I were you. Then reweigh it and see if you still got a good deal. It will be hard to tell if it is cut since even a small amount of MDMA in it will cause it test posstive on a test kit. So I would look for how long it takes to show results. If it takes several seconds that's a good hint there is little MDMA in it. But you usually see cut with the white not brown.

    I don't think you should pay more for white stuff. The only time you should consider paying more is if you get moon rocks. And even then if your dealer is cool it will be the same price.
  3. shermin

    shermin Bazooka Tooth

    the brown/tan is probably not a "cut". it is a SMALL amount of impurity from the synth process. the color is kind of a novelty in most retail cases...

    there are some easy teks out there to wash the impurities away, as well as recrystalize it into shards if thats what you want ;)
  4. intongues

    intongues The Wizard

    It's good right now as is.. I usually cap a few and take em with me for the night and I usually don't even drink or whatever, just enjoy this!

    I didn't want to pay more for pure white, but it was the only option and I wasn't about to look around for it if my buddy had that. It wasn't bad stuff just each time he was getting it from someone else who got it from someone etc..

    Usually for a single gram if I were to ask "friends" it would cost me like 60-100$ if that's all I wanted. Which is why I didn't really grab much for long time, I enjoyed it but I have a life to pay for too and i didn't want to go broke! hah
    Like I mentioned the few times I grabbed quarters before it was around to 300$ mark which I thought was great! Now getting double, more pure stuff for fifty or so less than that is excellent!

    But since hooking up with my new dealer he grabs bigger amounts regularly, i'm more just pitching in for his grab cause he goes to clubs and sells em individual, where as I just wanted a halfo straight. he's not really making much off me but i'm sure it gets his share for cheaper!

    But I can't say i'm complaining! Just didn't think it would work this way, guess it all depends on who ya meet!

    Just thought when I was walking away.. this much for that much? I must be getting shit stuff, but after trying it it's the same amazing high as the caps I got from him a few weeks prior :)

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