Cheap ways to stay vegan :D

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Woodpoppies, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. tofubandits

    tofubandits Member

    Making seitan from scratch is super cheap! Just buy vital wheat gluten in bulk at a food coop or whole foods and experiment with it. It may take a while to get it how you'll like it, but once you do you can do so much with it! Also t.v.p is cheap and you can make burgers and chili and things like that. I've been vegan for several years now and it seems like making things from scratch is the cheapest way to go, that and making lots of stuff at once and freezing it.
  2. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    you can make tofu cheaply too, a bit of work, but it's better fresh

    you can get a lot of materials for fermenting and such at:
  3. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    and what have i been eating a lot of lately?

    rice w/ beans, steamed carrots [unless there's free broccoli in the day old boxes outside the food bank], home-made tahini

    maybe 75 cents a bowl, filling and nutritious
  4. NepKire

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    please do not eat your food out of a dumpster. You could get very ill.
  5. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    and without it, i could starve

    life's a gamble . . .
  6. NepKire

    NepKire Member

    Yuck. There are better ways to survive.
  7. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    i've worked for lawyers and bankers and insurance companies and advertising agencies

    and i'd rather eat garbage
  8. NepKire

    NepKire Member

    LMFAO!! That's fukn funny shit.
  9. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    right now eating couscous with chickpeas, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber

    the couscous is expensive, a half-cup [uncooked] is about 47 cents

    the chickpeas cost about 8 cents

    the 1/2 tomato 11 cents, the 1/6 bell pepper 11 cents, the cuke was free

    covered in tahini sauce, hard to say, 10-20 cents?

    under a buck, tasty, nutritious
  10. Totally just tried an adaption of this, with home-cooked beans and less curry. Yomnomnomnom! Even my omnivore hubby liked it! And the way I did it made enough for 3-4 days of yummy!
  11. drumminmama

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    Thought I'd move this post into general veg rather than recipes.

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