Cheap ways to stay vegan :D

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Woodpoppies, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    Hello everyone :D
    Ok so Ive been a vegetarian for 6 years. I go off and on vegan all the time. I truly want to stay vegan but it is hard since I just recently moved out of my parents house and I dont have a job at the moment.
    So I would like to ask if anyone had any recipes for people that are trying to stay vegan but is on a budget?

    I would truly appreciate it !!
  2. moondaddy

    moondaddy Member

    Soak the bean of your choice overnight and slow cook them next day til done. In another pot cook some brown rice, millet or quinoa. Start another pot with a little boiling water and cook some vegies of your choice. When they're done add the beans and whatever herbs and spices. Then serve the bean stew up next to the rice. If you haven't got time to cook beans then just cut up tofu into the vegies.
  3. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    Thanks moondaddy!!
    I am a little disappointed I thought more people would of posted in here.
  4. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Think you might find this interesting:

    If you can't find something there, you may starve to death.
  5. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    LOL!!! Thankyou!! Hahaha! I will totally check it out!! :D
  6. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Also, I would say the cheapest way: Ramen Noodles.

    You can't eat the chicken ones, due to the fact that they actually have chicken in them. I don't think you can eat the beef or shrimp ones either, but the chili (those one's are freakin' hot), and the oriental ones are clean (at least, I'm pretty sure they are).
  7. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    That is a great website thankyou!!
    BTW I dont believe there is any vegan rammen. I believe all of it has some source of animal stock.
  8. moondaddy

    moondaddy Member

    Hey guys watch out for the Ramen. I'm pretty sure they have MSG in em.
  9. prana

    prana Member

    one of my favorite vegan dishes is black beans & brown rice w/ curry powder. I cook up about four servings of brown rice, mix in a can of warm/cooked black beans (frijoles negros!), and then put the curry powder in after it's served. I generally use a lot, probably a tablespoon or two per bowl

    it's the dish sporks were invented for :D
  10. Anistaulia

    Anistaulia Member

    I recently made vegan fried "chicken". I used a recipe from the peta vegetarian starter guide, which you can get at I used chicken style sietan though.
  11. tree_hugger

    tree_hugger Member

    Vegweb does have a lot of great recipes.

    I love ramen, but I don't eat the seasoning packets with it. Instead, I mix my own seasonings in. I also make a mean "ramen salad" with lettuce, soy sauce, lemon juice, and sour cream. It sounds gross, but try it. I'm addicted.

    Frozen vegetables are also a cheap staple, and they're way better for you than canned, but not much more expensive. Trust me, your body will thank you if you shell out the extra change. Some stuff is okay to buy canned.

    Penne pasta, fire roasted tomatoes (the canned ones are fine), and pesto sauce is another favorite of mine.

    Side note: Anistaulia, I'm not positive, but I think Lily Tomlin said that quote.
  12. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    wraps are always quick and cheap. Fill tortillas with veggies of your choice or beans and rice or tofutti cream cheese and fruit. My favorite wrap is a flour tortilla, peanut butter, apple slices and granola. Yumnumnum! Or you can buy the packages of "add water" falafel, sloppy joe mix, and taco filling. Im pretty sure those are all vegan. I forget the brand name though. Have you seen them in the store? usually in the whole foods section? daughters favorite is vegan mac and cheese. Its easy and cheap. Get whatever pasta is the cheapest, some tofu and soy cheddar cheese. You can get all of that for under 10 bucks. Puree the tofu till its smooth and sauce like and then put into a pot. Cut up the soy cheese and add to tofu. stir till the cheese is melted and then pour over cooked pasta! Voila. Its pretty good. Stir fry and veggie burgers are easy and cheap as well. Have you ever had the Yves brand soy hot dogs? Those are yummy too. You can always make vegan pigs in a blanket with those. make some dough....flour, oil, baking powder, water, salt. Then wrap the hot dogs in it and bake. You can add soy cheese if you want or get creative and make crazy sauces to dip with whatever you have laying around. Does that help? I bought a book called "How it all Vegan" its absolutely wonderful! if you can find it and have the money Id reccomend buying it
  13. addictedt0chaos

    addictedt0chaos Lunar Dreadlocks

    what kind of vegan cheese do you buy ? I hear a lot of them don't melt
  14. Anistaulia

    Anistaulia Member

    Vegan cheese honestly scares me a bit. I tried it once and haven't been brave enough to try it again yet. It wasn't a tasty experience.

    Treehugger, you are right. (I couldn't help but look it up), "Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs." - written by Jane Wagner for Lily's act.
  15. tree_hugger

    tree_hugger Member

    The Veggie Shreds stuff isn't that bad once you melt it, but I'm not sure if it's 100% vegan. I think it might have casein (a milk derivative) in it.

    Haha. She's great.
  16. Woodpoppies

    Woodpoppies Member

    Veggie shreds isnt vegan.
    Mandy I just bought how it all vegan!! I love it!! Thanks for the tips everyone!!!! :D
    I am also curious to what vegan cheese you buy Mandy?
    Ive had some good and bad experinces with soycheese but im trying to see what other stuff is out there.
  17. MaccaByrd

    MaccaByrd Member

    I have yet to find vegan cheese that melts. Maybe they have yet to make it. It's OK cut into slivers and slipped into a bean and rice burrito, though. Some salsa and avocados in there, too, and don't forget the tofu. Mmm...
  18. I have vegan cheese made by a brand called Follow Your Heart, it says it melts but I haven't gotten it to melt yet. But if you microwave it maybe?
  19. Goober328

    Goober328 Member

    Well I think yall have some terminology screwed up here. Are you a raw vegan or vegetarian? I'm not sure what is a plain old vegan. If your a raw vegan you can get by cheaper than the meat eaters. All you need is some raw veggies. Check the dumpsters out behind the supermarkets. I know a couple of bars that have free eats with plenty of free raw veggies. All you have to do is drink a few beers and dive in. They dont like folks who come just to eat. You will also need to leave a tip too, if you plan on coming back of course.

  20. Twiz

    Twiz Member

    start a garden!!!, go dumpster diving. Grocery stores throw out perfectly good food all the time. Just go in that dumpster and find vegan edible stuff. My friend lives completly off of dumpersted food. But you should start a garden cause they are fun.

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