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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Disarm, Jan 20, 2005.

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    I figure I might have to live off tofu if I don't get smarter soon. And tofu looks scary. So as veggies we need like B6, B12, iron (and probably a heap more, theres an important one for vegans that I can't think of right now).. But the food I seem to need to buy is either odd tasting mush, breakfast cereal or really expensive.. How do you guys get all the nutrients you need cheapish?
  2. Soy Products: Miso(naturally fermented soy bean) .... i haven’t used much soy product.. usually it too processed and is hard for your body to digest unlike this great MISO which makes some amazing soup. ..Equally as much protein as meat...

    Grains: Millet, Quinoa, Short Grain brown-rice,
    Quinoa has the highest source of protein out of any grain.. more so then many meats.
    (bulk, organic)

    Beans: Adzuki, Black, Garbanzo
    (bulk organic)

    Veggie's: ROOT veggie's any thing you like really.. eat it all raw u can... and even try to eat your grains raw:

    Soak for 24hrs.. aka sprouting the grain then get use a dehydrator and you can make Raw vegan breads cinnamon rolls and many other good food .. bit of money for the dehydrator but that just a step up in the hole deal.
  3. i dont know about where you guys live, but up here there is a organice food co-op. Where you pay just $8 a week and you get a box full of fresh veggies and usually a different meat suppliment, e.g. different lentil burgers or tofu etc. Perhaps you should look into vegetarian food co ops,,
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    tofu and multi vitamins intravenously
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    thats cheap!! we have something kind of like that here but it isn't organic its local grown though and only produce. i wish organic wasn't so expensive here. i paid 8 bucks just for a head of broccoli an onion and a 5lb bag of potatoes the other day. :(
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