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    This reviewer is among the many who love expensive high end machines, but have learned the hard way along with everyone else that the electronics market is certifiably insane and has a lot in common with the Mafia. He's been in the business too long not to know great deals when he sees them, and this video describes what are good deals currently and what to look for over the holiday season.

    The reviewer has to contain himself with these deals, because he's describing what has been every gamer's dream for about ten years now, a cheap fast processor, graphics card, and motherboard that can rock video games at 1080p and higher. The 1700x he's recommending can be overclocked with the click of a mouse, while the Rx570 is excellent for 1080p resolutions. That brings the cost of the motherboard, cpu, gpu, and ram down to around $500.oo and we can expect them to go significantly lower again next year when AMD releases their newest graphics cards.

    Its pretty obvious, AMD is ready to dominate the low end PC gaming market like never before, and next fall in particular we should see the dust start to fly. Die hard Intel fans are still more interested in slightly higher frame rates, but AMD is moving into bandwidth concerns which will inevitably dominate even Intel chips within a few more years. The race for the fastest silicon chips is basically slowing down as the expense of making them goes up, and Moore's Law is being replaced by finding cheaper ways to eliminate lag and latencies. Note that the graphics cards now coming on the market can have a dozen thermal pads and an enormous cooler than is three times the size of the graphics card itself. Besides all the AI improvements to bandwidth issues and whatnot, improvements in reducing temperatures are happening at the same time they are finding cheaper ways to cool everything.

    Although there is still improvements to be made, the race for the fastest processor and graphics cards for consumer markets is winding down, with the real emphasis now on cutting the costs for power, bandwidth, and cooling. These first Nvidia RTX 2000 cards have incredibly expensive coolers, and its absurd when the cooler starts to become more expensive then the damned chip. It is so bad, AMD should come out with a cooler you can buy a new graphics card for.
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    Get a 1080TI into ya!
  4. Is AMD cheaper than Intel and faster? I just haven't heard that before. My parents are thinking about a new laptop. I don't want them to go too cheap, but they're rather practical about the whole thing. They only want it to check their email, essentially, but I really don't want them to end up with a Celeron processor or something. I just feel like it might under-perform.
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    A gtx1080 is easier to find currently and a good deal for 1440p gaming, while a gtx1080ti will rock 1440p games as well as anyone could ask for. The question is not what they will do, but how would you like to pay half the price of what they are asking. They are artificially inflating the value of their parts and AMD is possibly the only company that can knock them down a notch or two. Otoy is making progress as well, and the next two years the race will be on to see who can provide the cheapest ray traced graphics. There is no reason, for example, that a new RTX2080ti can't be replace for fifty bucks worth of parts, but you have to be able to mass produce them cheap on a scale unheard of. Its all about controlling the supply lines, rather than the technology itself.

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