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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by cadcruzer, Jan 29, 2005.

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    well my passport finally showed up 1 -29-05 done a flight search on 1-28-05 latenight found flight for $385 looked it up 2 nite couldnt find 1 under $500 just my luck? didnt really want to buy ticket till i had passport in my hand, guess it back fired anyways i know this question has been asked many times but i went througgh threads an couldnt find em so whats the best site to get tickets cheap? ive been tryin travlocity an know theres more just cant remember any think ive developed a ulcer since this trip idea started lol heard alot of people mention rooms for 35euro but no name of hotel most i found at that price have shared bathrooms or double occcupancy only . im going alone so that makes the search alot harder cause they wont let me filter out doubles an search for singles only. i dont plan on reserving a room but since it's gonna be cold there i really dont want to walk all over town lookin for a room an having to settle cause im tired! so if any 1 wants to book my trip an send me the info thx. lol wish it was that easy


    It's easy, just book for 1 night anywhere central then look the next day
    for something better on foot or bike. Can't stress this enough, not all
    advertise with the tourist board or join web sites with Hotel listings.
    On the whole it's easy to just walk in off the streets and book but less so
    in peak summer, ie, July, Aug, Sept, or on national holidays and
    special events, etc.
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    The Abba on Overtoom has single rooms for 25-30 E /ngt (B'fast inc.!!!!)

    A little outta the way of centrum but a very decent place to stay.

    If you wanna stay at the top end near centraal......

    Try the Quinten Arrive hotel......30 E/ngt, shared showers, flea bag in general, however you are right in the middle of the action for € 228/wk (no b'fast inc)

    Both hotels have shared utilities, are smoker friendly (all kinds) & have no cerfew)

    Abba is the nicer of the 2 however it's a ways from Centraal.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!!!!!

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