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    Wasn't sure where to post this, but wanted to see what everyone's reaction and/or opinion of Charles Manson.

    Charles Manson aka Jesus Christ

    He has been dubbed "The most dangerous man alive". Charles Manson has been persecuted relentlessly. We call him the devil. He is the reason society is so bad.
    Does this sound familiar? This sounds like the same accounts towards Jesus Christ by the Roman Empire 2000 years ago. As they have nailed Christ to the cross, we have nailed Charles Manson to the cross. Could it be that Charles Manson and Jesus Christ are the same person? If you know anything about these two, the answer is: Most likely.
    Let us take a look at these two. Both Jesus Christ and Charles Manson led a cult that still thrives to this very day. Christ's followers are still preaching his words, as do Christ's followers. And each cult are growing as time goes by. Both "Christianity" and "The Manson Family" will be here forever. As old followers die out, new followers will take their place to carry on the words of both Jesus Christ and Charles Manson.
    If we looked past the usual stereotype against Charles Manson, we can see that the preachings of Manson is identical to that of Jesus Christ. Hasn't Jesus spoke about the power of love? And also, isn't that what Charlie used for his motto?? Charles Manson has said "In love, you do no wrong." Wouldn't Jesus agree? In fact, would Jesus apply to that? In truth, yes!
    Now, it's time to unveil the infamy of Charles Manson and Jesus Christ. Yes, both of them are wanted for influencing murder. Charles Manson has led the Tate-LaBianca murders as Jesus Christ led the city of Jericho, town of Salem murders. In both incidents, people were to die for their "sins".
    Because of this, both Manson and Christ have been the victims of injustice due to the courts and trials. During the trial, Manson was denied the right to defend himself. Instead, we have hung him up onto the cross.
    People, for years, have called Charlie "A silly old fool who knows absolutely nothing." Is that true? No, absolutely not!! Charles Manson is also a human being like us, might we remind you. He has a brian, he knows what's going on. We'd rather listen to Charlie's words than some finatic priest. Manson knows and has expierenced hardships in life too.
    Your society has caused Charles Manson to become what he is today. If you'd listen to him in the beginning, the world wouldn't have a Charles Manson.
    To put a long topic short, man is known to create gods. Man has then created Jesus Christ, man has also created Charles Manson. Therefore, Charles Manson IS Jesus Christ!
  2. earthfog

    earthfog Member


    Don't know if you are seious or not, i took a look at your age - 40, if you were 13 could understand your thinking.
    By now you should know every fucked up being on earth uses the "persecution" angle to prove themselves right, to themselves and there followers.
    I do agree we are all made out of the same cosmic mud, you, me, Charlie Manson, The Backstreet Boys, Budda, George Forman, and of course the body of Christ.
    Same mud, diferent song.
    Cults love persecution simply cannot survive without it.
    Don't make them right, or prove anything actulay.
    I know society if fucked up, some fucked to the good some to the bad.
    When you call it,"your society", you show your detachment.
    Good luck to you and Charlie, Don't cut any one up OK!
  3. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    I copied & pasted that first post here. I started reading the book "Helter Skelter" over a year ago and never did finish it.
  4. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Manson is a completely damaged unit.
  5. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Ole Charlie and his gang were around the Haight the same time I was, 68'. I had seen him on the streets and in different houses over the past couple of yrs., but never really knew him intimitly. He had a band of women that followed him around and only a few dudes. He gave me the creeps, and I didn't understand what they saw in him but each to their own I thought. Manson use to play guitar and sing on Hippie Hill with the others that came to the hill. I saw him a lot but never talked to him, he had wierd eyes and something about him gave me cold chills. I must have been closer that I thought..
    When I went to so cali to visit my folks they told me that they had been contacted by the shierif's dept. that my ID had been found on Squeeky Fhrom and that she was connected with a murder outside of Bullhead City. They were interested in my where a bouts and safety.
    My parents were beside themselves with worry, they had a PI looking for me in SF. My bro in law had been to the 'City' searching for me also. They thought I was murdered too. I had no idea that any of this was taking place and felt terrible that my parents and family had to go through such a nightmare. I was not all that consistant in keeping touch and should have been more thoughtful of their feelings.
    My parents called the police dept. to call off the missing persons report and the FBI came out to talk to me. I was terrified. They asked me how well I new Miss Fhrom and Mr. Manson. I told them I didn't 'know' them at all, that I had just seen them around the neighborhood. They questioned me on how I thought Miss Fhrom may have gotten my Birth Certificate. I explaned that where I lived most anyone had access to my room and belongings, I lived in a communal inviroment and there were people in and out all the time. My backgroung showed no past violent or unstable criminal behavior so they took their investigation elsewhere.
    As far as him being Christ or Christ like is no way connected. As far as what I've read about Christ, he was a healer and a man of peace and good will towards his fellow man. Manson one the other hand was self indulgent and ego ridden, a wanna-be rock star that went on a drug induced, phycotic killing rampage because he didn't get the fame he desired.
    Manson the devil/anti-christ? Certainly a negative force but not powerful enough to bring distruction on the whole earth, in those terms. What Manson did was what he thought was a pay back for the record industry refusing him. He had made a lot of people nervouse and they 'weren't taking his calls' anymore. One of the Beach Boys was trying to help Manson with his carear in music and lived in the house that Sharon Tate was to be murdered in. Manson had stayed at the house with him and freaked the dude out to the point of the dude moving out. The owners finely evicted Manson and that's when Sharon and Polanski moved in.
    As the story goes, one of the dudes in the Manson gang had killed someone in a vicious manner and the girls of the gang wanted him freed. They devised this diabolical plan to do a copycat killing and throw the heat off of him. They picked the 'house because they knew the layout and then imitated the killings,the writings on the wall and so forth.
    In my opinon Manson and his gang were nothing but ruthless killers, negative energy that developed into evil intent. They had no religious or political reason for doing what they did. I did not hear any religious or political talk from Manson when he was in the park, I never saw him gather a crowd with thought provolking speaches or ideas. I don't know what he did behind closed doors, I was not behind them.
    I can only say what I saw and heard, what I experienced and what I can remember. Sometimes names and dates allude me as it was the 60's and I par-took in the celabration of life and all it's offerings, I am only human.
    To end my tale, I will say that in my OP, manson is a crazed burned out junkie that used the insanity plea to get out of the death penalty and played the part so well he bacame it.
    His women, who were the ones that devised the plan, were as bad if not worse then manson himself, and not the victoms they pretend to be.
    Hope this makes some sence. Most of this can be backed up with facts on the web I imagain, I just type what comes to recolection at the time.
  6. angelgodiva

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    All I will say is that, in my own humble opinion, Manson and his followers gave the rest of us who were known as hippies a bad name. I see no resemblance between him and Jesus outside of the fact that they were both long haired, bearded males.
  7. shameless_heifer

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    We all have choices, Manson made his own choices, we as a society did not make his choices for him. He was a crazed drug addict and couldn't handle his own ego. He lost control and now he's paying the price. He's trying to gain sympathy with his MADNESS. He's nothing but a puff of smoke drifting away from what is real.
  8. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    My view of him is the same as Heifer's assessment. I couldn't say it better.

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