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Discussion in 'Bare It! Nudism and Naturism' started by vnc, Jun 4, 2004.

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    yesterday i learnt thanks to a friendly security guard that the montreal public transport system has a rule that you don't have the right to go barefoot because of "civism". What's pretty absurd is that about 2 minutes after putting my hemp sandals on, i slipped in the stairs, broke a glass bottle in my bag, and when i removed the glass from my bag, guess what happened? Glass got stuck in my sandals. I hurt my 2 feet, that had been unharmed by miles and miles of walking outside in the city/everywhere.

    i just mailed them a bunch of questions and comments on how much better/safer it was to be barefoot, advising them to change the rule to something that just puts the responsability in the hands of the barefoot person.

    anyone ever tried something similar? should i keep the forum updated?

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    Yesterday I was at school bearfoot, and may I say having the best day ever...Then My sweet little tech teacher saw I had no shoes and got so buggered about it he consulted other teachers and they went throught the dresscode during class so that he could tell me it was against school policy for saftey reasons. He kept saying that it would be his fault if I got hurt of sick or something...He just could not get over it...Shoes hurt everybody at somepoint, and I have had glass get stuck in my sandles before, how is it so much safer to wear shoes...:confused:

    I hope you get some results...keep us posted.

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