Changed In Life

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    I wrote this in grade 10. :) when I was 16.
    but anyways enjoy. :D

    Changes in Life
    By Damaya
    (Grade 10)

    Why follow fashion
    When you can make up your own
    Why eat meat
    When their are so many other choices
    Why try to be someone else
    When you can be yourself
    Why watch televison
    When you can read and go outside
    Why smoke
    When all you do is croak
    Why be an enemy
    When you can be a friend
    Why judge people
    When you can love them
    Why be a love-breaker
    When you can be a peace-maker
    Why eat junk food
    When you can eat healthy food
    Why put yourself down
    When you can bring yourself up
    Why sit around waiting for things to happen
    When you can make it happen
    Why care what others think of you
    When they arn’t YOU

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