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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, May 17, 2004.

  1. to all

    pain reaches far beyond,
    the stars we watch ,wondering
    love stollen and forgot.
    moments melt then rise.

    never tempted, change not thought
    heart emptied ,over stretched.
    body sensed a lonely path.
    feathered lives,moan not

    pain floated past, beyond.
    rays of sun flicker on .
    dance in daylight ,in moonshine
    lust so heavy,so change

    thank you
    how i long to express such pain
    in life love and me
    love n peace from saff
    soon i feel this will pass...thankyou for reading
  2. Fierce_Flawless

    Fierce_Flawless Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    like i said- "there's a sky inside of all of us".

    this one really captured me, and all it takes is one to change a life forever.
  3. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    i will change not my unerring willingness to transform, in those flickering rays. do we find solace therein, from whence past the pain floats, a dark cerebral energy spiraling unwittingly? i enjoy the moments we share, however fleeting.

    much love :)
  4. what wonderful replys
    how timid they both seem
    thank you for true exppresion towards my words

    much love
    love n peace from saff
  5. why is your heart bleeding
    where does it belong
    they tell me it's not even
    i tell you you're wrong

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