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    a close friend of mine, who moved from jamaica about 5 years ago told me a really crazy, but scary story. He said when he was about 14 years old, him and his friend were walking to a watering hole to pick up some fresh water. When they got close his friend stopped to take a piss and he kept walking towards it and when he got there spread the bushs to access the waterhole, he saw a horse bent over drinking water. He called his friend over to check it out and then all of a sudden the horse came up from the water and it was a man, a centaur. He said it was a well built black man with long hair. He said it got really scared when the centaur saw them and ran around the watering hole a couple times and then dissapeared into the forest with amazing speed. He told me this story about 6 months ago and he swears its the truth. Everyone laughs at him, but i don't know what it is but i believed him. Think hes telling the truth?
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    maybe he was on drugs
    just kiddin, i dont believe it, but that doesnt affect if it is true or not. i really dont care
  3. I heard there is a lot of voodoo and black magic in Jamaica so maybe it could be true. Maybe it wasn’t Centaurs maybe it was the result of an alien experiment or some kind of mutant. Who knows - I try to keep an open mind so I am never surprised. Cheers!
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    well you know, if this person/being was from our own earth, there would have to be a whole community of them living somewhere, that or some really insane lab somewhere.

    or who knows how it could have happened for anyone to have been born like that. it could of course be your friends way of describing something that is maybe not exactly the same way as you are seeing it in your own mind.

    it is a big universe and almost certainly there is a world somewhere of centaur persons, although for any part of anyone from somewhere else to look THAT much human, kind of tuggs at the edge of what seems probable to me.

    so for that matter does the dr morose hypothises. interesting though.

    my guess is that if this is a lone individual they must be faced with having to live a pretty freeked out life. as i understand quite probably a lot of people there are and do anyway.

    the most likely possibility of course is that your friend is seriously pulling your leg and telling all his other friends behind your back how gullable you are. but i'm not suggesting that has to be either.

    if he really did see such a person as he describes, i would immagine that person could use a few friends and probably doesn't have very many, but that also like any wild creature, must be having to rely on a great deal of paranoia to survive.

  5. Xac

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    Nope, dont think he's lying either, i like to keep an open mind but i dont like to believe everything i hear either. Though belief is the enemy of knowledge.

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